WIFE TALK: Wife First

I posted this status on Facebook a few years ago and thought it was a great reminder to put our vows before all the other jobs we encounter. 

I know I’m not the only one…

I don’t know what it is about my anniversary that makes me feel like a new woman in love all over again.  I go out out of my way to look extraordinary to remind Kevin of why he picked me.  BUT THEN I think about my daily routine prior to 11/1.  It is always my intention to be a wife first but often I forget.  When Kevin comes home he is tired, I’m tired, Kenden is tired.  We eat, prepare for bed, etc and it starts all over the next day.  This is no one’s fault.  It happens to all of us.  So I encourage all my wife friends to make it your mission to be a wife. 

FYI THIS IS NOT A SEX THEMED POST <–your bedroom is your business–> this is an enjoy your position fully post.

Start little by little.  Maybe adjust children’s bedtime routines to ensure you two have daily alone time.  Talk and listen to each other MORE THAN the basic “how was work?”  Discuss your goals, dreams, tell the stories of how you met.  Maybe include some adjustments in what you wear to bed.  I’m not saying spend every night covered in silk and lace <–but if you do go on girl!–> but there are many cute cotton chemise gowns that can replace an old laundry day t-shirt.  And it will make you feel better.

Ladies this job gives us a million additional titles per our family.  There is a way to manage it all. WIFE FIRST!!  I’ve been doing this and it works.  Don’t know how long before old habits resurface but I will always have this post as a reminder and my short list to hold me accountable.

Remember your marriage is victorious,
~Ta’Neisha K.~

3 thoughts on “WIFE TALK: Wife First

  1. Jessica C. says:

    Hey my name is Jessica Curry and this is my second marriage and Love it. I was recently watching your video and I am requesting, if it is still possible, if you can e-mail me the example of renewing marriage vows. I love your video and do believe in kingdom marriage.

    I am a stay at home mom and I also home school, The Lord out it on my heart to homeschool.

    I would love to renew my vows to my husband, but you know what? I was thinking of doing the same for my children.

    Well, thanks

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