My Mind Is Made Up

So… Here’s the background story of what led to this post.

My husband made a decision and at first I was like “Okay, cool.”  Then, as time passed I was like “Umm… I changed my mind and have decided to not agree with your choice.”  Much more time passed and I was like “I’m back to agreeing with your initial choice because you CLEARLY aren’t going to change your mind.”  Then I read my Bible, repented, asked him to forgive me, followed through with the choice via actions and words, and we lived happily ever after.

Let’s go ahead and put this disclaimer here for see.  I publicly admit that I am not perfect.  I especially want those who, for some unknown reason, think I don’t have the occasional difficulty practicing what I preach as it relates to submission, obedience, or anything else biblical to know this.  I’m not proud of the times that I’ve made the decision to do the wrong thing, but I am grateful for the grace that comes with repentance, by completely turning away from that choice and getting back onto God’s straight and narrow path.  I’m also thankful for the word of God, via the infallible Bible, that shapes, molds, and prunes me on a daily basis.  The Bible is an amazing book that applies to life everywhere, covers generations eternally, and is never wrong.  Through my daily study God has showed me so many things from areas of improvement to life goals I should strive for.  Bible study has changed my viewpoint on lasting marriage, given me tools for rearing our children, showed me how to become a good helpmeet for my husband, and maintain a sweet fragrance for our household.

I’m not sure what decisions you are facing on a daily basis but I encourage each of you to trust the direction that God has for you.  You cannot let doubt and fear outweigh your faith in the Most High!  Often times, we get frustrated with the decision maker because we are scared to move out of our comfort zone.  Sometimes wives have a legitimate argument and once your side is presented, take a step back and allow your husband to make the final decision.  Trust that the same God that orders your steps will order his and obedience will keep your entire family aligned correctly.

To hear more about having a made up mind, check out my recent video.



So what was the big decision that my husband made?  Well, he picked Popeyes over Church’s chicken and I’m going to stand by his side on that.

Make this week inspiring,

~Ta’Neisha K.

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