You’re Never Too Old For Ponytails


Here recently, I’ve been enjoying the ponytail hairstyle.  I love the tousled and care free as well as the sleek and sophisticate versions of this timeless style.  As a wife and mother, I’m always on the go but I still like to maintain a sense of style outside of wearing workout pants everywhere.  In 2017, I’ve committed to stepping up my normal mom routine from super frumpy, to cute and chic even at the house.  This promise doesn’t mean that I’m getting all dolled up to never leave the house; however, I have committed to completely styling my hair and wearing cute workout or lounging clothes when I’m home.

To help me implement my new “cute mom” movement, I went back to my faithful wash and go hair styles including the big puff ponytail, sleek bun, and various drawstring ponytails.  I love having my hair in a ponytail (or bun) because the style is quick and can easily be dressed up for a date night with my favorite (and only) husband, Kevin.  I can also run to the store without a hoodie, retrieve the mail without scaring the neighbors, and make it to the homeschool play date on time because my hair is already done.  Yes, ponytails are a classic style that has kept me cute since I was established in the early 80s.


Here is how I prepare my hair for ponytail or bun hairdos:


Here are a few of my favorite ponytail hairstyles:







I hope you enjoyed this quick post on the perfect ponytail and join me in my mommy commitment to skip frumpy and always have “your together, together” (look nice at all times) because one never knows what the day may bring.

Make this week remarkable,

Ta’Neisha K.



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