Mommy Moment: Keep Calm, God is Perfecting You

Today’s feature presentation is all about celebrating your uniqueness and beauty as a woman of God.  Oftentimes, we allow the accomplishments or perceived image of others to intimidate us. However, God desires for us to all feel confident in our womanhood and purpose. Even in scripture, we are constantly reminded that we are fearfully and wonderfully made by a God who loves us.

God is perfecting you daily!

One of the greatest gifts I’ve received in my marriage to Kevin is secured confidence and motherhood. His love has helped me grow into the woman many see and admire. However, it was not an easy arrival to the woman you see today. And, there are some days I need to return to God’s word and my husband’s arms to be reminded of the woman I’ve grown to be. I need my sisters in Christ to uplift me and keep me going. That’s why I recorded this message.

Need more encouragement? Watch this!

I hope that this video pushes or reminds you of just how amazing you are. Never strive to be someone else! Simply walk confidently in who God created you to be.

Make today grand,
Ta’Neisha K.

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