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Team Kemp Coaching is a Business and Ministry Consulting Firm that desires to build industry-led confidence, increase career performance, and cultivate personal growth opportunities.

We currently offer Business Coaching, Sales Coaching, Mock Interview sessions, resume updates, and other services for professionals ready to take themselves to the next level. Rev. Kevin Kemp provides premarital, marriage, and family/relationship counseling and life coaching services. Ta’Neisha Kemp is also available for homeschool consultations to help you get started or reignite your passion for educating your children.

Thank you for your interest in Team Kemp Coaching! Below you will find a list of our available services. Use the blue buttons to book an appointment or Masterclass. For additional details, fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Sales 101: Is a Sales Career for you?

Become equipped with the ins and outs, ups and the downs of a sales career. Join a group of hungry individuals as we discuss the various types of sales jobs, how to pick the right career based on your personality, and pitfalls to avoid early in your career. This information and more can also be customized just for you in the 1-on-1 Sales Career Coaching session.

Sales 202: A Beast vs The Best

This class will cover the specific tools for success and how to advance and get promoted in your career. We will learn the ABCs of sales and hone in your talents and natural abilities so you can achieve your long-term Sales Career goals.

The Art of Selling Yourself! Interviewing Techniques

Are you ready to CRUSH that interview? Maximize your chances of getting a job by putting your best foot forward and surpassing the competition. Bring your resume and your A-game to this class!

Career Coaching

Interview Coaching PREP

College graduates, high school students, or those ready to move up in their careers will benefit from these sessions. Learn how to SELL YOURSELF through the art of interviewing in-person or virtually. Need help with resume writing, specific management positions, and executive opportunities? Try the HR Intensive & Interview PREP session.

Intensive Management & Executive Interview PREP

This power-packed hour provides tips on resume writing and interviewing for higher-level management or executive positions. Tips for in-person or virtual interviews are provided. Need help transitioning into your new position or writing an introduction post? I can help with that too!

Business/Sales Management Coaching

Team building, management skills training, specialized techniques to increase ROI, and more can be received during this session. These conversations benefit Supervisors, Managers, and Team Leads.

1-on-1 Sales Career Coaching

This completely customized conversation helps you explore various types of sales careers to learn which one pairs well with your personality. Don’t waste any more time trying to find the perfect fit! Let us help specify with your next Sales career move.

Entrepreneurial & Small Business Growth Training

Let me help you identify key growth strategies specific to your niche. We’ll cover specifically designed short and long-term revenue-driven techniques to increase sales. Additional Executive Sales Consultant services available for sales management training, building your sales team, analyzing and interpreting KPIs, and much more!

Resume Revamp

Give your resume a makeover with a new look, keywords, SEO optimization, and much more. Must provide a current resume, up-to-date job information, and additional items to complete this service. Book this service via Appointmentfix and include your email address in the notes.

Coaching Consultation

Consultations are available to receive a brief overview of services available and assess your needs.

Homeschool Coaching

Homeschool 101

Interested in homeschooling but don’t know where to begin? Book an introductory session with Ta’Neisha Kemp, a homeschool veteran of over 14 years. Learn tips, techniques, and get introduced to budget-friendly ways to begin your homeschool journey.

Homeschool 202

Are you ready for a fresh start? Do you need help making the necessary adjustments in your homeschool? Don’t fret because this session is just what you need! Even veterans will benefit from this session and enjoy the resources in Ta’Neisha’s Exclusive Encouragement Packet.

Homeschooling Resource Packet

Fill out an information form and subsequently receive an email with direct links for resources, eBooks, curriculum reviews, and more.

Ministerial Counseling

Premarital Counseling

Get to know your fiancé even more while learning tools to help you transition into holy matrimony. In some states, completing a premarital course will also remove the required Marriage License fee.

Marriage Counseling

Mediation led communication with your spouse in a safe, neutral setting for both parties. Learn tools to increase intimacy, resolve conflict, as well as cope with or heal from tragedies.

Family/Relationship Counseling

These sessions allow for discussions with children, youth, siblings, parents, or in-laws. Discuss situations in an environment where everyone can feel heard. Build your new relationship on truth, healing, safe boundaries, as well as great communication and coping skills.


“I just wanted to share a quick note to say Kevin, you do a really good job. I’m glad I decided to work with you. It’s really great how you gave examples of how to update my resume and really sell my talents. Thank you so much.”

T. Carter

“My new resume is gorgeous! My information stands out because it is easier to read. I should have updated this a long time ago.”

S. Bennett

“The Kemps are anointed to help restore relationships! We learned so much and have recommended them to our friends, family, and church members.”

J. Rogers

“Having Ta’Neisha walk me through ways to start homeschooling was a blessing. She was created to encourage and teach other women. I feel so confident now!”

A. Vasquez

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