July 2018 Homeschool Wrap-Up

Hello everybody!

How are you doing?

I hope all is well and your neck of the homeschool words and I can’t wait to share with you everything that has been going on at Team Kemp Academy. No need for a long introduction, let’s just dive right in!

Here are a few of our goals for this school year:

  1. Teaching Bam Bam to read is top priority. I delayed teaching him because I wanted to let his focus remain on speech. He has been doing great there and does so much better during reading time now. He eases through Teach Your Child to Read without frustration and is doing very well.
  2. Letting Princess tag along as much as she wants since she is still in preschool. I’m in awe at how much she has soaked up by just sitting next to the boys last year. Her routune of listen, plays, listen, play suits her age perfectly.
  3. Expanding vocabulary, reading a book a day, and weekly science experiments are Bear’s goals. He picked them and since they were so perfect, I jotted the goals down.
  4. Read 110 books as a family this school year. We have a shelf on Goodreads keeping track of our books. We also have reading journals and allow the children to share reviews.

This year I decided to try something completely different and start our school year off in the month of July. A few of my friends do this and I have always found that they are able to be more relaxed throughout the school year, have more focused learning blocks, and take plenty of field trips. Those are some of the things that I wanted to implement during this school year so we began in early July.

Now, with all of that being said I completely forgot that the day I started school was also the day that twice a week speech began for Bam Bam, twice a week swimming lessons started for the cool kids, and husband’s busy season at work was well underway. I have spent our first weeks of school running up-and-down the highway, waking up extra early in the morning, and having school at various hours throughout the day. In the midst of handling all my business like a awesome mom should I also decided to reincorporate and have continued to maintain a daily workout.


  • Bam Bam and Bear are now fantastic swimmers
  • Princess turned 3
  • Bam Bam read his first, second, third, fourth, etc words
  • Bear surpassed his daily read goal
  • I kept to the lesson plan
  • Our monthly FREE day went perfectly
  • Princess participated in school each day
  • We completed book #2 and #3 in the World of Oz series.
  • Bear moved up another grade level in math
  • We attended the first family reunion for Kevin’s grandmother’s family.
  • We swam at least three times weekly
  • Each child completed a research project and presented it to the family.
  • Bear wrote a Country music song


We started the school year using My Father’s World Kindergarten for Bam Bam as well as the Creation to Greeks for Bear. Since Princess is so young, she just uses random books from the Dollar Tree and flash cards. For art we are using a DVD drawing curriculum as well as learning origami. Our Spanish and a few other extracurriculars come from schoolhouseteachers.com. We are also continuing the Music Appreciation and Apologia A&P that we ended our year with.


Y’all, after an extremely busy first month all I can say is… WHOOP WHOOP! I’m so excited for what God has in store for us in August. In August I look forward to attending our first field trip, going to a few programs at our local library, and hearing Bam Bam read through his first book. I’m also anxious to see what Bear will decide to research next month. His selections always surprise me and I learn so much during his presentations. I am excited for Princess to continue to show her growing personality and perfect the English language. Finally, I plan to take more pictures of our journey because time flies by.

Remember, you can always see what is going on at Team Kemp Academy via our Instagram account. And don’t forget to check out YouTube for some fascinating videos featuring everything we have been doing this school year.

Make this week educational,

Ta’Neisha K.

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