Homeschool Must Haves

So many people will tell you that it is imperative to have certain things when you are a homeschooler. I have NEVER been one of those people… until today. I jotted down a list of my current must-haves and I know you can find room for them in your homeschool. So be a good note taker and have your pen and some paper close by so you can create your own list.

  1. Pencils galore! We seem to always be near zero pencils even though I purchase them by the hundreds. The cool kids nibbling on them and Kevin teaching Bear how to play Pencil Break definitely keep the count low. Seriously, whoever allowed pencil break to penetrate the homeschool barrier owes me at least 36 Ticonderogas.
  2. A large, magnetic dry erase board is at the top of my list and should be on yours too. The best time to buy these is in August during the back to school sales. I have one on my wall for group instruction and two smaller ones for the children to play magnets with.
  3. Mounting putty is another essential that you can never have enough of. You can use it to hang photos, light decor, and posters up on your wall. This also keeps ugly nail holes and staples from taking over your wall space.
  4. Multiple library cards are another essential every homeschooler must have. Please keep track of your due dates because those fines can wind up being expensive if you don’t stay on top of it. I keep a list in my teacher planner.
  5. A homeschool related Instagram account is another important thing to our household. This is our school record and a quick way to share our day with family and friends. Your account can be private too but always allow your family to follow you. If you use the account enough you’re bound to find some awesome homeschoolers to follow.
  6. Board and card games are also phenomenal essentials to use in your homeschool. We play board games every week and during this time the children are learning cooperation, good sportsmanship, how to follow rules, sharing, strategy, logic, and so much more. Unless we are playing UNO because we all know UNO has the power to all players into strategic, self-proclaimed geniuses.

Recently Bear and I were able to share our favorite homeschool accessories and I had to share it with my blog family. You can hear our Top 5 Homeschool Accessories via this recent YouTube video.

I hope this essentials list and video were a big help all while encouraging you. Now, of course, I have a few more essentials but these should be enough to get your homeschool. Tell me about your homeschool essentials in the comment section below. I’ve got my paper and pen ready to jot down anything I must have.

Make this week phenomenal,

Ta’Neisha K.

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