Review: I Know It (K-5 Math Practice Website)

Math is my favorite subject to teach the cool kids and I use a variety of ways to make the subject more interactive. Thankfully, I Know It has created a website that specializes in practicing math concepts. We have been using this for a couple of months and can’t wait to share our experience with you. Membership details as well as access to their FREE, 60 day trial are also included. is an interactive math practice website that features activities for children in kindergarten through 5th grade. Each grade is separated and filled with 10 or more concepts to practice. Addition, subtraction, geometry, time, money, and graphing are covered in Kindergarten along with a few other things. Fifth grade includes the aforementioned concepts as well as fractions, decimals, percentages, the order of operations, word problems, division, and multiplication.

Later I’ll explain the different membership options but it is important to note that each provides an all-access teacher account. From there I am able to view what lessons they have completed, verify user progress and grades, and also adjust the website user settings for my children. For example, Bam Bam is still learning to read, therefore I turned on the option for problems to be read to him. This scoring information allowed me to adjust my teaching for each child. If they scored well, we moved on, of they scored low, I reviewed the concept again. About halfway through the review process I FINALLY figured out how to correctly create assignments for my children to do. Thankfully, the Help Files section is available to those that need assistance navigating the website. Since I wanted my sons to practice what we were currently learning, creating assignments made it easy for them to find what they were supposed to work on.

I used this website with my two older children a few times a week to practice what I was teaching them and math. Right now, my oldest is a finishing up Singapore Math 4A and uses this website three times each week to review what we’ve been doing. Each practice session took him approximately 5- 15 minutes to complete, depending on the concept he was reviewing. He was able to use the website easily and often worked through it in the car, on my cell phone.

Our middle son is being taught basic math by me so this website was used as a guide for lessons I created. With him, I would look at the provided practice options, pick a concept and teach on it for a week or two. I let him work through the practice problems occasionally at first but soon he was able to navigate each session easily.

“I like using this for my math. It is fun and helps me learn.” Bam Bam, 4 years old

My favorite part about this website was the encouragement it offered to my children. Each time you answer a question correctly an image pops up to encourage you to keep going. When you get something incorrect, you may feel bad but not defeated because you have received so much encouragement along the way. Both of my sons enjoyed this as well. As the questions got harder, Bam Bam never felt discouraged or uncomfortable when he got something wrong. He was actually more motivated to get an answer correct so he could see the positive response. Bear equally enjoyed this and continues to work hard to increase his correct answer streak.

“I think the website is a cool way to learn math. I like how it shows encouraging phrases while you answer the questions. My current record is five correct answers in a row. I think the box that you enter numbers into should be longer. I got confused when entering place values because the box wasn’t long enough for me to see the entire number I typed. Other than that, this is a fun way to practice what I’m being taught.” Bear, 10 years old

I Know It offers a variety of membership options for families, classrooms, schools, or school districts. I think this works well with our homeschool and I’ve also recommended it to my friends with elementary aged children. This would be a fun, quick way to have math practice at home a couple times each week.


  • $90 each year
  • Covers one parent and up to 4 children.
  • $8 per additional child using the account
  • -The whole family uses the same login e-mail and password


  • $150 per year
  • Covers 1 teacher, 30 children
  • $6 for each additional child
  • Teacher account
  • Separate student accounts
  • Each student will have their own login and password.


  • Per student pricing **see website for details**
  • Personal logins for each student or teacher
  • Minimum of 30 students required for a school or district membership. also offers a FREE, 60 day trial to interested homeschoolers and teachers. Access the FREE 60 DAY TRIAL by clicking the photo below.

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