Review: Dimensions Math PK-5, Level KB

Since the beginning of our homeschool journey, we have been consistent in using Singapore Math Inc. curriculum for all our math needs. Recently, we were given the opportunity to review one course from the Dimensions Math PK-5 series. After grading our Kindergartner’s placement test, we opted for level KB. This new program has been updated and designed with our children in mind and we look forward to sharing the details with you.

Dimensions Math PK-5 continues the tradition of being based on the methodology of education in Singapore. Each level has the option of A for the first half of the year or B for the second half. To see where your child should begin, assessments are available on the company’s website. Each option includes a Teacher’s Guide that can be reused. The student’s Workbook and Textbook has consumable pages is only to be used with one student.

The Teacher’s Guide is my favorite part of this curriculum. The quality of this full color, spiral bound, hardback book is impeccable. Included throughout are reduced-sized textbook and workbook pages for easy reference. The guide offers precise information on the objectives, materials lists, teaching notes, as well as optional games and activities. I enjoyed the optional activities suggested in the Teacher’s Guide. I found for materials and need it to be things that I already had lying around the house. Other items that I did not own could easily be purchased from local thrift stores or other homeschoolers. I also found that some of the items I was missing could easily be switched out for something we already owned.

The textbooks continue the updated look with vibrant graphics displaying each mathematical concept. Each Kindergarten textbook is designed for students to write in. Practice exercises are placed throughout which are examples of the workbook activities. I like the look and feel of the textbook feel believe that it will stay intact, even with frequent use. I also appreciate that the math objective is listed at the bottom of each page. This gives a clear guideline on what we should focus on during our teaching time.

This a 162-page workbook emphasizes the concrete pictorial focus of Singapore’s newest curriculum. The illustrations aid the children in solving basic addition, subtraction, and money math problems. Each page has minimal text and focuses solely on the concept being taught. There are also teaching tips and concepts located on the bottom of each page. Some activities require cutouts and additional materials which can be found in the back of the book. My son liked using the workbook and we were happy that the pages were perforated and could be removed for easy access.

As expected, the Dimensions Math PK-5 series is based on the methodology of mental math strategies in Singapore. I love that the concepts are clearly presented and continue to build on each other. I think the repetition paired with the games builds a strong mathematical foundation. Though series hold true to the familiar principles outlined in the previous curriculums by this company, Dimensions Math includes more colorful imagery in the material. I feel like the design of the packaging and colorful illustrations are the first thing that I noticed. I have been an avid user of this company’s products for years but this by far is the best packaging and presentation that I have ever seen. The material follows the usual progression and scope that I’m used too and includes an array of fun activities. The optional activities allowed our kindergartner to further understand the concepts being presented. Even my three-year-old enjoyed playing with us and always joined in. We found Dimensions Math PK-5 by Singapore Math Inc. to be a good addition to our regular homeschool routine. Each lesson took approximately 20 to 30 minutes to complete including the added activities.

Want a closer look? Samples of the Teachers Guides, Textbooks, and Workbooks are available on the company website.

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