Review: Supercharged e-Science Homeschool Curriculum

We enjoyed a Science filled spring thanks to Supercharged Science! This website offers K-12 science lessons and experiments for all grade levels. We received a full year of access to e-Science Homeschool Science Curriculum.

Supercharged Science is a complete online curriculum with video lessons, guided reading downloads, and video experiments. There are over 1000 videos, ranging from 4 to 20 minutes long. The curriculum can be worked through by topic or grade level. With the topical option, a video introduces the science concepts that will be covered in that section. From there, you’re taken to the lessons pages which include video experiments, and reading downloads. With the grade level option, you are taken to the concepts available for each grade. Once you choose, you are then taken to the aforementioned lessons page. Some areas span more than one grade level, so several experiments are listed for multiple grade levels.

This e-Science curriculum provides self-guided lessons, encouraging older children to work through it at their own pace. Motion, Mechanics, Energy, Sound, Chemistry, and Thermodynamics are a few of the concepts covered. Depending on difficulty, some lessons take only a couple of weeks to complete, while others can take several months. Each concept encourages the hands-on approach through science experiments. The experiments use mostly everyday materials that are readily available in most homes.

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We used this website approximately four times a week to learn the concepts and enjoy the experiments. We watched all the videos on our television, via the Amazon Firestick. I find that watching on television is the best screen because it is the largest one in the house. After each video, I would ask some questions for review. If I felt that my younger two needed more explanation on the concept, I would break it down a bit more so they can understand. Initially, I went with a topical approach and allowed the cool kids to pick their own path based on interest. I found this to be the best approach for us because it kept everyone interested in our lessons for the week. For the sake of this review, I also chose a lesson for each child, based on their grade level.

Force, Gravity, and Friction
For this section, we enjoyed watching all of the videos and had everything for the experiments on hand. The funniest part of this section was practicing force. I had each of my children choose to be the object or force and then they had to move their sibling. Everything was going great until daddy decided to be the object. Watching all three of them try to move him with force was hilarious! We used a gigantic beach ball, a library book, and a toy gun to reinforce the gravity portion of these lessons. After our first dropping session, we had fun trying different variables including an egg. The rest of the lessons and experiments in this section went well.

PreK & K Earth Science & the Rain Guage Experiment
With Bam Bam (5) and Princess (3), we individual learning time focused on Earth Science. The section for their grade focused on what weather is, how to measure conditions over time, weather scientists, severe weather preparation. During the beginning of May, we had a lot of inclement weather and of course, as a homeschooling mom, I had to create a learning opportunity. Using the video as our guide, we made a rain gauge using an empty Ozarka water bottle. We didn’t catch much rain during the first storm but during the Tornado warning, we collected quite a bit.

5th Grade Life Science Human Anatomy
For the entire school year, Bear has been studying Anatomy & Physiology. When given a choice on which direction he wanted to take, the Life Science Human Anatomy lessons were his first choice. Through these lessons, he was able to dive deeper into the human body through various experiments. He tackled tendons and ligaments through a robotic hand made of string and straws. He found testing everyone’s tendon reflex truly hilarious. He liked working through the material and found the experiments easy to do. His favorite experiment was testing our muscle strength on the scale. I would also like to add that I AM not THE STRONGEST PERSON IN THE KEMP HOUSEHOLD. I tried my very best but Daddy once again proved he is our muscle man.

The hands-on experiments paired with videos made this curriculum fun for all my cool kids. I definitely think my children learn best when conducting experiments after being introduced to a concept. Per their request, we will continue with the e-Science Homeschool Science Curriculum by Supercharged Science.

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