Beauty Tuesday: XL Encapsulated Rose Gold ROMANCE nails

This week for Beauty Tuesday I’ll be sharing a beautiful EXTRA LONG encapsulated set I created using curved nail tips. This ROMANCE set features Rose Gold and Opal colors along with some glamourous accents.

Before creating this set, I did soak off my previous set a week before. I allowed my nail bed to breathe and kept my nail bed hydrated with cuticle cream. I prepared my nails for acrylic application by trimming the cuticle and shaping my natural nails. I also removed the shine from my natural nail with a block buffer.

Watch the process in this video!


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Overall, I am so proud of myself for trying a variety of new things with these nails. You can see more of my beauty-related photos via @Married2KDK on Instagram. You can also follow the hashtags #TUKbeautyTuesday or #TUKnails on Instagram or Twitter.

Make this week beautiful,

Ta’Neisha K.


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Make this week marvelous,

Ta’Neisha K.

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