Online K-12 Math Curriculum

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

CTCMath is a fully online math curriculum from Kindergarten through to 12th Grade that also includes Calculus. This website not only performs the entire teaching process but also provides practice questions, games, tests, tasks, weekly revisions sets, and much more. We received a 12-month online subscription that was used with all of my children.

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CTCMath was birthed from the vision of a homeschooling father in Australia who wanted to provide a multi-sensory approach to educating children in mathematics. This program is designed to be used as a complete curriculum or can be used as a supplement by schools districts, or parents who want to help their children with understanding math concepts. CTCMath focuses on teaching mathematics the traditional way and is not aligned with common core standards. This company also offers a 12-month moneyback guarantee.

The Parent features on this program are amazing! CTCMath offers extensive reports making the parent’s life easier for tracking and helps parents and students in identifying weaker areas requiring further study. You are given the ability to assign your student lessons, diagnostic tests, and even write a note to them when you assign the task. All provided diagnostic tests are available in short (20 questions), standard (30 questions), or comprehensive (40 questions). Each task created has the option to change the due date and the order in which your child needs to complete what is assigned. Upon completion, a task progress report is emailed which includes your child’s results, whether it was completed on time, and how many times the task was attempted before completion. At the end of the week, a comprehensive weekly report is emailed which provides an average for all tasks completed that week. These features take the stress of lesson planning away while encouraging independent learning and accountability for your child.

CTCMath begins each lesson with a pre-recorded Video Tutorial that clearly displays every concept. These clear videos involve a whiteboard where the text is perfectly visible while the teacher explains each lesson. Since the videos are pre-recorded, you do not have to rearrange your schedule because lessons can be accessed at any time, on any device, anywhere in the world.


This year, Bear is using CTCMath four days a week to earn his Algebra I high school math credit. In Algebra I middle or high school students expand on the previously learned fundamentals to work with unknown values or variables.

Some concepts taught include:

  • Discovering expressions, equations, and functions
  • Exploring real numbers
  • How to solve linear equations
  • Visualizing linear functions
  • Formulating linear equations
  • Linear inequalities
  • Systems of linear equations and inequalities
  • Exponents and exponential functions
  • Factoring and polynomials
  • Quadratic equations
  • Radical expressions
  • Rational expressions

Overall we think the CTCMath team uses teaching methods that explain concepts quickly and easily that most students can understand. Because of the great teaching techniques used in this curriculum, Bear has a firm mathematical foundation for upper-level courses. He will be able to use the skills learned in Algebra I course when taking Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, and beyond.

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