Urban Decay’s Naked 3: Haul, Review, & Tutorial


Check out this FOTD via Chocolate Covered Strawberries link.
Check out this FOTD via Chocolate Covered Strawberries link.

I know you all were wondering where the makeup portion of my blog was. Today it has arrived with a quick glimpse of my new palette, Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette. This Rose colored palette consists of beautiful shades that will compliment all complexions. If you are a fan of pink, mauve, rose, cream, and gold hues this is the palette for you. If not, avoid this palette at all costs. I purchased my palette via my recent drugstore.com haul.

I also created a cute eyeshadow look that I call Chocolate Covered Strawberries which also features the new Wet n Wild glitter eyeshadows.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I am definitely enjoying this palette; however, the color pay of this version is not comparable to the others. The shades are beautiful, even on women of color, but I did find that this palette required several applications for the colors to show completely. I’m not a fan of the packaging design either. Seriously, who decided to make the palette bumpy? Hello! It is a Rose hued palette so how about adding roses to the packaging rather than the waves. Overall, I rate Naked 3 a 8/10 due to the color pay off and funky packaging design.

I like to end all reviews on a positive note which isn’t hard for this palette. The looks you can create are endless and the colors can easily be turned into cheek highlights or blushes. I’ve also added a small amount of clear gloss to my lips and placed dust over it. Dust looks great on the lips and as a cheek highlight on women of color. Let record also reflect that the rose gold color in this palette, trick, is gorgeous!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries without glitter
Chocolate Covered Strawberries without glitter

For additional thoughts on this palette and a tutorial using it check out my recent video.

Make this week grand,
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