Chronicles of #theLASTbaby

  Shortly after our youngest son turned two, we were blessed with the great news that we were going to have another bundle of joy in 2015.  In January of that year we made our fun pregnancy announcement video, and soon thereafter, we got a chance to meet, snuggle, and love on #theLASTbaby.  I keptContinue reading “Chronicles of #theLASTbaby”

Short Hair, Don’t Care #Fabulous

I came across the Sensationnel Fab Fringe unit several years ago when it was all the rage on YouTube.  Short hair in itself wasn’t new to me because I loved wearing my hair short when I was in junior high and High School.   Toni Braxton was super popular back then and everybody tried toContinue reading “Short Hair, Don’t Care #Fabulous”

#BrowGameStrong but Brunette STILL isn’t dark enough

I was super excited when I came across this a new product from wet and wild called Ultimate Brow Mascara. I picked up the darkest color they offered which was for brunettes and did my best to get it to work for me. In order to have the perfect color match I also used aContinue reading “#BrowGameStrong but Brunette STILL isn’t dark enough”


Fruit cobbler has come to be known as one of America’s great dessert treats. Everyone may not be a fan but you must admit that you’ve tried it and you kind of liked it. I’m not big on cobblers myself but occasionally I enjoy a warm scoop of fruit cobbler underneath a cold scoop ofContinue reading “BEST WINTER BREAKFAST EVER”

Style ~n~ Chat: Come Hither Stare

Hello guys I hope you enjoy these quick “get ready with me” videos featuring some answers to frequently asked questions. In this first tutorial I show you how to get a natural glowing and bronze look for women of color. In the second tutorial I show you how I styled my natural hair. Make thisContinue reading “Style ~n~ Chat: Come Hither Stare”

Mom Chic with POP of color

Anyone who knows me in real time understands my love of age appropriate bold makeup looks. Yes, I’m the woman that will be rocking blue eyeshadow in my 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond because I’ll know how to apply it correctly to enhance my seasoned style. When it comes to a pop of color manyContinue reading “Mom Chic with POP of color”

My “go to” Spring & Summer Makeup Looks

The southern heat is no joke but that doesn’t mean that I can’t leave my house with a flawless face. Granted, it may sweat off in an hour but when my feet exit my humble abode “Baby, I look good!” Since these looks are light they don’t take long to initially create or touch upContinue reading “My “go to” Spring & Summer Makeup Looks”

Urban Decay’s Naked 3: Haul, Review, & Tutorial

  I know you all were wondering where the makeup portion of my blog was. Today it has arrived with a quick glimpse of my new palette, Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette. This Rose colored palette consists of beautiful shades that will compliment all complexions. If you are a fan of pink, mauve, rose, cream,Continue reading “Urban Decay’s Naked 3: Haul, Review, & Tutorial”