Must Have Winter Concealer (Oldies but goodies)

Initially, I had a serious vendetta against the Ruby Kisses 3D Face Creator. I hated that this amazing product worked for so many people but I couldn’t get it to work for my skin. After a myriad of concealer and highlighting fails I threw it into “the pile” .

You know, what “the pile” is. The place where you put wack makeup. Think of it as The Isle of Misfit Toys, but for makeup.


Well, during my 2013 winter makeup purge I came across “the pile” and pulled out the Ruby Kisses 3D Face Creator. I tried it and noticed that it didn’t melt off my face or become a slimy mess like the late Spring and Summer results. This time, it stayed put. I did have a rough time blending it to my liking, but I kept trying. Once I added the e.l.f Makeup Mist & Set and e.l.f. small stippling brush I knew I had a winning combination.

Now, I love the Ruby Kisses 3D Face Creator and hope you give it a try. In fact reach into “the pile” and pull out a product that gave you the blues in the Summer time. Who knows, the cold weather may make that item a fantastic seasonal favorite.

For additional information on these winter concealers and to see how I apply them, check out the video below.

Make this week brilliant,
~Ta’Neisha K.~

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