Happy Homeschooling Giveaway

I was blessed by a teacher friend of mine with a box full of school worksheets.  These worksheets were helpful to us to  review concepts as we ended our Second grade school year.  From this massive box I saved several sheets for our two younger children to use in a few years.  I also prepared two packages for friends that just had babies to help them transition into the next school year.  I even had more than enough copies to create not one, not two, but three packages for a HAPPY HOMESCHOOLING GIVEAWAY!!

Here are the **OFFICIAL RULES**

-Closes at 11:59:59 CST on 8/5/16

-You must be a subscriber to the avenue you choose to enter through. 

-You may enter all 3 giveaways via the hyperlinks below

-ONLY ONE COMMENT PER PERSON on each giveaway post 


**Blog Giveaway**

-Must be subscribed to the blog via email or wordpress account (photo directions below)

-Comment on this post and tell me your plans for the current/upcoming homeschool year.  Feel free to share any curriculum you’re using or ideas you may have to help others.

To follow this blog you need to look in the sidebar or scroll down until you see the follow option. 

You can also enter the giveaways going on via Youtube and Instagram

To enter the Youtube giveaway you must be subscribed to my youtube channel. To enter the Instagram giveaway you must follow @Married2KDK. For additional requirements for those giveaways click the hyperlinks provided.

For a quick glimpse at some of the worksheets that will be included in the prize package check out this one minute video.

Again, there will be a different winner chosen via each social media avenue. And YES, you can enter each giveaway one time. 

Happy homeschooling and make this week wonderful,
~Ta’Neisha K.

Comment on this blog post and tell me your plans for the current/upcoming homeschool year.  Feel free to share any curriculum you’re using or ideas you may have to help others.

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Wife to a great husband. Mother to great children. My family is my ministry.

6 thoughts on “Happy Homeschooling Giveaway

  1. Good day. Honestly I don’t have any curriculum. Right now I’m currently teaching out of text books. I’m trying to build my own curriculum but I don’t know where to begin. Even though my childen are still young they each have a desire to learn new things. I started to read your blog when I watched your surprise pregnancy video. What a blessing to share that with the world. Im a little nervous of homeschooling but I know in my heart that this is what the Lord wants me to do. Thank you for doing this giveaway, and I hope to see more homeschooling videos from you♡ shalom

    1. Welcome to the wonderful, flexible, completely customizable world of homeschool. I have a lot of homeschool videos on my channel so if you have any children pre-k to 3rd those may help. And you can feel free to ask me anything because I had some great friends help me along the way.

    2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are the blog winner for this giveaway. Please send me your mailing address via the “email contact form” link, located in the menu at the top of my blog site.

  2. Hi thank you for the ideas..I will check out what you have to offer because anything helps. Yes I entered my email so I believe that it went through. My children are 3 and 1. My three year old really likes to learn. My one year old she’s not ready lol…she just wants to play. Homeschooling is challenging but also beneficial for us as parents and the children. Things I forgot I had to relearn all.over again..:)

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