Dear Wal-Mart Grocery Pickup, YOU’RE AWESOME!!! 

I was definitely skeptical when this new service hit our area. “The same Wal-Mart that NEVER has enough registers open has the audacity to offer a service for the customer’s convenience?!?!”  Yep, totally skeptical.  But, after trying this service three times I can honestly say that Wal-Mart grocery pickup IS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! 

Here is a quick list of the pros and cons

•convenient, uninterrupted ordering and pickup
•FREE SERVICE, $0 cost to pick up groceries 
•can use Savings Catcher app for money back
•can use Ebates for cash back
$10 off your first purchase and with each referral
•free gift for new customers 
•free upgrades when product is out of stock

You must leave your house to get your order
▪Sorry couponers, you can not use coupons on your online grocery purchase yet.

Grocery shopping with my 2 and 1 year old children can be a big hassle.  Our 8 year old even gets distracted and forgets to help me most of the time. This pick up option has been a lifesaver for me!!!  During my three pick ups I’ve only had one missed item which they replaced immediately and profusely apologized for.  So Wal-Mart, I’m giving you a big WHOOP WHOOP for this idea. Please don’t let the excellent customer service at pick up go down the drain. 

For a quick glimpse of my school shopping via this service check out my recent video.

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If you’re interested in trying the Wal-Mart Grocery Pick Up with a $10 off coupon then click this really long hyperlink. You can see if your area already has the service, when they will start the service, and again you get $10 off your order.
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