Encouragement: Words That Are Worthwhile 

Recently I’ve found myself to be short tempered at home.  No, I haven’t spent entire days screaming and yelling, but I know that I haven’t been showing true patience to my family.

Could my frustration be the lack of sleep due to a teething toddler and a potty training toddler?   Possibly, but these tender motherhood moments are the reason why I should be completely patient with my children.

Might my attitude be a result of the promised stress of life?  If so, doesn’t that justify a few weak moments?  Maybe, but I am to show the fruit of God’s spirit in every area of life, especially when life happens in the worst way.

The point is there is no excuse as to why one would notice a small problem and leave it unchecked.  God can handle any sized dilemma we are facing!  We should feel more than comfortable to come to Him with every issue and allow his spirit to guide us through the growth process.  So, I prayed and asked God to forgive me and show me where the added stress was coming from so it could be addressed.

While scrolling through social media, I came across the scripture Proverbs 31:26.  After reading it, I knew God heard my prayer.  I wanted to be a sweet fragrance for my household again. And, guess what? It didn’t take months, years, or even days. I woke up feeling better, applied the scripture, and have continued to do so ever since.   This short-term issue may seem minor to you, but it was major to me and it felt so good to know God cared.

So today, I encourage each reader to self-assess with the word as your guide.  Read Galatians 5:22-23 and do a fruit check on your life. Are you displaying the fruit of God’s spirit or are you letting the cares of life leave you snappy and sarcastic?  If you are having a normal moment of frustration will wisdom, kind yet stern words, foolishness, love, sarcasm, or vulgarity spew from your lips?  Will the people around you still know that you are saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Spirit based on your reaction to the cares of life?


Don’t worry; I’m not saying that you are not allowed a moment of anger but let us all be more mindful of how we react, especially in front of our spouse and children.  We are to strive daily to be wise women who build and not foolish women that tear down.  To hear the details of how God gave me instant peace and comfort, watch my recent video.

Make this week worthwhile,

Ta’Neisha K.


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