Our Adventures With Andi Carter

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Our oldest enjoyed reading two new books from the Circle C Stepping Stones Series written by Susan K. Marlow and published by Kregal Publications.  This particular series of books is geared for children ages 8-10 and are a continuation of the stories following Andi (Andrea) Carter as she grows up on Circle C Ranch.  We enjoyed these cute stories and all the added FREE activities offered for each book.

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Andi Saddles Up is the first chapter book in the Circle C Stepping Stones Series and it depicts a newly nine year old trying to enjoy her birthday as it is filled with interruptions, land boundary battles, sheep vs. cattle, and a bit of jarring from her sibling.  But the new (birth) year isn’t all bad as she finds herself connecting instantly with a new friend, Sadie and having some fun including fishing with creative bait and some trick horse riding.  We enjoyed the history lesson at the end of the book detailing the history between sheepherders and cattlemen because it explained why the tension in the story was so important and needed to be resolved.

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This series continues with a circus sequel entitled Andi Under The Big Top wherein little Miss Carter is introduced to the glitz, sights, sounds, and excitement of the traveling circus.  She meets a new character named Henry, who reveals that though it might seem amazing to be employed with the circus, it is definitely not what he thought it would be.  In this tale we learn about bravery, honesty, and forgiveness while Andi tries to help Henry.  The historical information included in this story discusses orphans, advertisements in the late 1800s, and how the circus was started.

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While most may go on about the stories which are definitely enjoyable, my favorite part about this experience was using the study guides for each book.  You can obtain a FREE study guide (PDF download) for each book which includes a detailed reading and activities schedule that covers twenty-one days.  The lessons include language arts (poetry, vocabulary, similes, alphabetizing, reading comprehension, crosswords, etc.), history, geography, crafts, math, science, music, character building traits and scriptures.  Answer keys are also included and you can download FREE coloring pages of the illustrations used in each book.  Bear enjoyed creating stilts and the information about broken arms including the names of bones, types of fractures, and healing timeline.  The Circle C Stepping Stones lapbook packet is an optional purchase (eBook or print edition available) and includes seven additional days of activities.

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These stories were great to use as a read aloud in our homeschool and I look forward to using them with my other children as they grow up.  I love that Susan K. Marlow created a character can be shadowed throughout life, via each book series, from the age of six through her teenage years.  The various series, published by Kregal Publications, gives the readers an opportunity to grow with the character.  Even though the stories are from the late 1800s, Andi (Andrea) Carter’s adventures and life lessons relate to today’s Christian children.  She prayed when she had a need which reiterates the lessons that we teach our children.  It is important to know that you can count on God and converse with him at any age.

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  1. Thanks for the fun review and for tweeting it so I could find out the Review Crew is up and running. I LOVE the clever way you showed the illustrations. Thanks for taking the time!

    1. So glad you found the review. The books are great and the resources were such a help when lesson planning! We are going to order the boys set for our oldest.

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