Makeup Revolution Loose Baking Powder (Review)

I love a perfectly baked under eye area! For years people have flocked to various Banana colored powders for a high-end set. I’ve tried several over the years but found the shades to be too light for my liking. Thankfully, I happened upon a low cost, top quality setting powder in the perfect shade for dark skinned women.

For the duration of this review period, I applied the Makeup Revolution Loose Setting Powder directly over concealer. The concealer was always two or three times lighter than my complexion. I placed this product in my T-zone and underneath my eye with a dry makeup sponge. I also set my face with a setting spray. I used both products over 20 times before conducting this review. I purchased both powders at a local ULTA store.

Company Product Description: Makeup Revolution’s Loose Baking Powder is a favorite for prolonging the wear of makeup, banishing shine, brightening and balancing skin tone. Loose powders are a good option for those who desire a luminous, silky and even finish.

Product Packaging Rating: ☆☆☆ I’m actually not a fan of the packaging of this product and think it could have been done better. However, I do understand that better quality and differently shaped containers add to the price of a product. I just prefer a container that allows you to pour some of the loose powder into the lid and this one forbids it.

Product Quality Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ I think both settings powders are extremely finely milled and apply nicely. They do not have a scent, last several hours, and preserve the highlight area perfectly.

Color: Banana (brightening for medium skin tones)

My Overall Rating: ☆☆☆☆ I think that this shade of loose powder applies well and lasts an extremely long time. On lighter complexions, it melts into the face seamlessly to enhance the highlight. On my complexion, I prefer to cover this with a face powder so I don’t have issues when taking pictures.

Color: Banana Deep (brightening for medium to dark skin tones)

My Overall Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ I think that shade is perfect for deeper complexions. It applies seamlessly on the skin, enhances the highlight to perfection, and lasts most of the day. When wearing this one I do not have to apply my face powder over it to combat any under eye photography issues. I can just simply set it and forget it!

I’m glad Makeup Revolution offers their Loose Baking Powder in a variety of shades and I plan on purchasing a few more.

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