Captain Absolutely, a Cool Comic Book!

My son was so excited to receive and review the Captain Absolutely, from Focus On The Family.  This is a fun comic book that features fun characters, scriptures, a great plot, and encourages the readers to stand through adversity.

Captain A 1

In this edition, Captain Absolutely is faced with an opportunity to “defend the truth, justice, and lots more truth,” by battling Dr. Relative’s Lirus amongst other enemies.  Like any comic book this begins with some background which is great to those who are new to the captain absolutely stories.  I enjoy how it initially takes you down memory lane to explain how Captain Absolutely received his powers and why he holds the truth of God so dear.  His ultimate goal is to share the truth of God with everyone because the people need it.  Each time he uses or references scripture, there is an arrow that points to the quote which includes where to find it in the Bible.  We used this to as an opportunity to be the Berean, look in the Bible, and verify if what he said was truth.  This was just another reminder that you don’t always have to go extremely deep when you were using the word of God but our basic conversation, matched with a life that applies scripture, will always give him glory.

Throughout this comic book captain absolutely runs into several characters that are basically a depiction of things that hinder the people on a daily basis.  We learned how to defeat vile attitudes, anger, procrastination, distractions, and a lying tongue along with so much more.  Anytime our hero was faced with a situation he defeated it through God’s word and strength.  There’s also a portion of this comic book in which we learn how to accept the faith of Jesus Christ and understand the purpose of his birth, death, burial, and resurrection.  If your children have not accepted Christ, this would be a great opportunity to discuss your faith in detail with them and answer any questions they may have.  If they decided to accept Christ this moment will be a memorable experience for you both as you walk them through the process of salvation.  Aside from that, my favorite part was the example on how to forgive someone who has hurt you or be forgiven by someone we’ve hurt. “It takes a lot of strength to be truly vulnerable” is the quote that was perfectly placed in this portion of the book.

Captain A 2

Here is what Bear had to say “The Captain Absolutely comic is cool! It is fun to read and during you learn about God and how to trust him through everything. The character isn’t only fighting crime but he’s defending God’s truth and sharing the Gospel. My favorite thing about the book is the more and more people he saves, the more Christians we have to defend the gospel.” Bear, Age 9

Overall I really enjoyed our time with this Captain Absolutely comic book and would definitely recommend it to our family and friends who have children between the ages of 8 and up. Truthfully, I enjoyed reading it because you’re never too old for reminder that you can apply God’s word to every situation in your life. You are never too mature in the faith to remember that “you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.” (Philippians 4:13)  Our family has been supporters of Focus On The Family for years and both of our children are subscribed to the magazines that they offer.  We are happy to have added this comic book to our collection and I look forward to rereading it with my younger children.


As always, click this absolutely amazing hyperlink to read additional reviews about this comic book.

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