Harvey Relief and How You Can Help

The great thing about being a Christian is the wisdom in knowing you should put works with your faith.  Right now, during the devastation of hurricane Harvey more than prayer is needed.  People need season appropriate clothing, food, clean water, shoes, and so much more.  Diapers, wipes, formula, and other baby items are also in high demand.  There are also many organizations that you can provide a financial donation to as well.

Even if you are nowhere near the devastation, and you can still put together a donation drive through your local church, school, or community.  Seeing people come together in times like these is such an amazing testimony to the power of working together.  Even though people have lost their homes, precious memories, and other material things, we as believers can ensure that they never lose their dignity.  We can ensure that they never go a day without feeling loved and cared for during their transition to a new home or back into their own home.

If you can’t give financially then you can donate your time by volunteering. Sending encouraging letters to first responders in the affected areas, helping a donation drive sort out items, and providing a foster home for displaced pets are a few ways you can help out.  And, even if you can’t do any of that, keep praying for everyone affected and those working or volunteering. 

Last but certainly not least, please be mindful of what to send and where to send it. For example shipping water is expensive so just donate money to a specific organization and they can buy water.  Also, if you are donating clothing please donate CLEAN, season appropriate clothing and only donate NEW underwear, panties, bras, undershirts, and socks.  Here is a recent article with additional detailed suggestions on how you can help: How to help Hurricane Harvey Recovery.

Make today grand, 

Ta’Neisha K. 

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