What. A. Week. (& some encouragement)

The past couple of weeks have been something else, BUT, we made it. Eventually, I might muster up the energy and strength to tell our story but on today I’d like to share a few things that have kept me moving forward.

  1. I’ve enjoyed several podcasts that have encouraged our family and friends during this time. Currently my only two subscriptions are Pastor G. Craige Lewis and Chrystal Evans Hurst. I enjoy the unfiltered word shared by Pastor Lewis and Chrystal makes each podcast feel like girl talk.
  2. I’ve been grateful for listening ears and the hugs of friends and family. Truthfully the entire month of April and the last two weeks of March had me making crazy faces. If it wasn’t for great friends and phenomenal family, I’d never have made it.
  3. Quiet time is a must! When everyone is still sleep in the morning and once the house is settled at night, I pray and listen. This ensures I begin and end my day in peace.
  4. Finally, laughter, laughing, and more of each has been quite helpful. It amazes me how a smile turned into a snicker can end in gut bursting laughs. I’m grateful for jokes, riddles, silly things, and the tickle monsters that have made us laugh this week.

Hope you find these tidbits helpful during your trying times. These will even work on a good day! Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you all up next week.

Ta’Neisha K.

Published by Ta'Neisha K.

Wife to a great husband. Mother to great children. My family is my ministry.

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