Review: Math Refresher For Adults

Some adults are intimidated by teaching or assisting their children with math. Well, Math Essentials has created the perfect solution via Math Refresher for Adults. This workbook provides review materials, example problems, and an online lesson library to enhance your skills.

Math Refresher for Adults is a power-packed workbook that features tips, technique, and reminders to enhance your math skills. This book can be worked through from beginning to end or you can use the table of contents to find a specific section of the study. Some of the topics covered include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percents, and geometry. Various parts of working with integers, algebra, charts, graphs, as well as word problems are also covered. Each section also includes a note-taking area and review questions

The back of the book includes a solutions sections with answers for each of the problems within the book. An alphabetized glossary is also available, giving definitions and examples of various mathematical terms. An important symbols page, multiplication table, prime number chart, squares and square roots chart, and a fraction/decimal equivalents chart are also included in the back. These resources pages are perfect to quickly reference as needed.

Each section includes access to accompanying video lessons. These are password protected and available via their website. The instructor clearly explains the material as they work through example problems. Additional,
password protected videos can also be accessed via a different website. This information and password are available in your book about and tips sections.

This workbook worked well in our home and was used by me at least twice a week. I decided to use post-it notes to separate the topics we covered in my refresher book each month. Prior to each lesson I reviewed the topic and checked to see if they were any problems that I could use to help teach Bear. For some occasions, I found this book was very helpful in preparing me to educate him during our school year. However, this will be a lot more helpful to me when it is time for him to get deeper into algebra and geometry. Those are the subjects I need to “refresh” the most so I will definitely refer to this book then.

Overall, Math Refresher for Adults will be a consistently used resource in our homeschool for years to come. This book would also make a great gift to those you know are preparing for something that requires them to update their math skills. Consider gifting this to those who are:

  • Returning to college
  • Helping children with their homework
  • Preparing for GED, SAT, PSAT, or PRAXIS test
  • Starting college
  • Job hunting and might need to take a math assessment
  • Preparing for Teacher’s Certification test
  • Teaching math or GED classes

Math is used by myself and my family daily in homeschool, cooking, grocery shopping, figuring out a tip, paying bills, or ordering things online. It is imperative to keep practicing this skill and learning more so that we are able to fully function in the world today. Math Essentials created Math Refresher for Adults to provide grown-ups with a convenient opportunity to reacclimate themselves with mathematics. Let the tips on these pages and in the videos help restore your confidence in this subject and make your job as a home educator much easier.

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Math Refresher for Adults {Math Essentials}

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