Review: What Should Danny Do? Series

Do you remember reading the “choose your own adventure” books as a child? Well, the What Should Danny Do? series allows you to create those precious memories with your child as they learn the importance of making good choices.

The What Should Danny Do? series features two books following Danny’s choices throughout the day. Each story includes several options to decide which decision Danny will make. In What Should Danny Do? we are introduced to this Superhero in training as he encounters preparing for his day, school, and family. This series continues with What Should Danny Do? School Day where he deals with friends, teachers, and bravery. This series focuses on your child’s Power to Choose which encourages them to make good decisions. Reading these books allows conversations about responsibility and appropriate responses. 

As a child, I always enjoyed changing the story and learning how the hero would overcome each plight. With books like these not only do you determine their obstacles, you literally held their fate in your hands. Your children also learn that our decisions shape our day and ultimately our future. Winning the Ultimate P2C Gift Set from the What Would Danny Do? series was a pleasant surprise and we could not wait to share them with you. Check out our thoughts on this book and all the goodies we received in our recent video.

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