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Playing music is something our whole family enjoys while cleaning, reading, and cooking. Recently, we had the opportunity to review the Smart Kidz Radio station, which plays informative songs about life skills, positive self-esteem, and core subjects for young children. Smart Kidz Media created this **FREE** station with family fun and education in mind. **On-demand options will be available in the near future. I will discuss that in detail below**

We listened to this radio station for approximately 25 minutes, five days a week. Our listening time was done while my younger two would be journaling, cleaning, helping in the kitchen, or reading. During this time I noted that the songs played on the radio were completely unique. I soon found out that this station features hundreds of original hits that you won’t hear anywhere else. Bam Bam and Princess enjoyed listening and dancing to most of the music they heard. Song subjects included body parts, being happy, good behavior, and various animals.

Some of the things we enjoyed about this radio programming were the song variety, stories, and ease of use. I found that on my Samsung phone, this works best via the Google Chrome browser. On Chrome, live play starts instantly upon sign in and continuously plays even while I’m doing other things on my phone. While listening you can also see the weather, local traffic, and other things via the menu. When using on your computer you can send the live stream to your mobile device via a QR code scanner. We didn’t try this option since my mobile browser worked perfectly. You can also submit a request for your child’s favorite song to be played.

Smart Kidz Radio Homeschool Reviews

Currently, Smart Kidz Media offers the radio station for FREE; however, a monthly subscription service will be available soon. On-Demand features will be added and for $3.99 monthly or $39 annually. Upon availability, a FREE 14 DAY TRIAL will be accessible to those interested in upgrading. Smart Kidz Radio will also be providing an app for Google Play and iTunes very soon.

Though the near future holds grand things for Smart Kidz Radio, don’t wait to tune-in to the FREE features. Smart Kidz Media has the desire to provide fun, original programming for children via this edutainment (educational entertainment) station.

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Smart Kidz Radio {Smart Kidz Media Reviews}

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