Should Christian Homeschoolers Learn Greek Mythology?

This year our oldest is trucking through 5th grade with much excitement and tenacity. We decided to continue our cycle through My Father’s World via the Creation to Greeks curriculum. This course is the first of a four-year chronological history study, beginning in the Old Testament. The products included are designed to provide a Biblical account to the Egypt, Greece, and Babylon civilizations.

Upon opening the new curriculum, Bear noted that there were a lot of books discussing Greek mythology. This led to an interesting discussion about the whether or not a Christian homeschooler should learn about the mythical beliefs of ancient cultures. After a lengthy conversation, he completely understood why were studying all parts of ancient history. In our homeschool, we desire for our children to have a clear understanding of history and current events. We also think it is equally important for them to use the Bible as the basis for making judgments (opinions) on history and current events. Another point we made, among many, is how some still believe in and practice the traditions of these civilizations. Educating our children on current groups that practice this will allow them to recognize these things so they are prepared to stand.

We have completed two months of the curriculum and he has found each week more exciting than the next. As we worked through the creation myths of various cultures, Bear was also able to recognize how other beliefs have tied their story into the Old Testament version. This curriculum also includes a rich appreciation for Jewish cultural traditions. We have celebrated Sabbath a couple of times and are looking forward to participating in other events. Experiencing the feasts has reminded our family of the power, love, and care we have because we serve the Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Most importantly, our children recognize that God has been and continues to be present through everything.

Comment below: Should Christian homeschoolers learn “secular” views?

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