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Last month, Bear’s book collection grew with an addition from The Captain Sun Adventures comic series. We co-wrote this review on Book 1, Rescue Me! What Superheroes Can Teach Us About the Power of Faith. We read through this book together, as I suggest all parents do, and hope both perspectives are helpful.


In this story, Captain Sun is battling a villain named Black Out. Captain’s Sun’s superpower is using light and he has a supersonic light beam that knocks out his opponent. Black Out sends out streams of darkness and he can send strands of darkness out. His darkness also redirects his voice so you don’t know where he is. Black Out’s goal is to turn the whole city dark and steal anything he wants.

Captain Sun ultimately defeats Black Out with the aid of his team called The Hero Defense League. My favorite Missle Man because he can fly in the air super fast and knock his opponents out. I also liked Electro Lad because he was a leader and used the citizens to successfully complete their mission.


I think that this book is good because the whole storyline is about light versus darkness. I think the storyline flowed together very well. The concept of light versus darkness was easy to understand and the inspiration from the characters is felt in their dialogue. The graphics went well the story and provided a clear vision of what was going on.

I read the entire book except for the last four devotionals. I thought the information was appropriate for kids. He covered how God created us in his image and how we can receive salvation through him. I didn’t read the rest of the devotionals because I knew that information already.


I think the storyline is clean and entertaining for older children. The graphics were neat, sharp, colorful, and perfectly depicted the text. The story features eight chapters, eight lessons (devotionals), and discussion questions. The website also provides various activities you can print and share with your children.

I appreciated the added devotionals and how scripture was included with each one. Though devotionals and scriptures are included, it is important to note that the author does not consider this to be a usual Christian comic book. Per the information provided on the back of the book and website, this is a family friendly comic that the author refers to as a worldview tool paired with scripture and references to Christ. Personally, additional or more detailed information on the reasons for this labeling decision would be helpful for curious parents like me.

These are not what some might think of as Christian comic books! This is a classic comic book hero in classic (family friendly) comic book stories, interspersed with lessons connecting themes in each story to the timeless truths of the gospel.


Once I found out Bear skipped the devotionals I explained my thoughts about the comic book to him. I was happy he was able to comprehend the devotional information but knew his bouncing around made him miss some important points. For example, each devotional included an explanation of the power of Jesus Christ and an article about Captain Sun. I decided to have him reread the book with me to see if his thoughts would change. The next day we read through the entire book together and ultimately, Bear changed his mind. We both agree that these tidbits offer age appropriate insight into knowing God and Jesus.

“My favorite one is “Your Secret Identity.” I liked how he talked about how God gives us an identity. Your life should please God by doing the right thing and being a blessing to others. We shouldn’t boast or post on social media when we do good things. I do regret not reading all the devotionals before and now I think that this could be given to new young believers. This would also be great to pass out at Vacation Bible School.” Bear, 10 years old

Bryce Morgan and Mitch Martin did a fine job of writing and illustrating Book 1, Rescue Me! What Superheroes Can Teach Us about the Power of Faith. The first installment of The Captain Sun Adventures was enjoyable and Bear and I think this material is suited for children 7 to 10 years old.

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