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Most of my readers know that math is my favorite subject to teach my children. Today, we will be reviewing a 12-month subscription for two students to Math-Whizz. This an online math tutor program by Whizz Education that we have been using for approximately two months.

Math-Whizz provides private and specific math tutorials for children. With the initial log in your child is able to complete an assessment that will provide their math age. Based off of that information lessons are assigned to your child and as they complete them, the website automatically moves on to harder tasks. Within these assignments are games, activities, and plenty of graphics that will keep your child’s attention as they perfect the concept.

With Bear, we used this program daily to reinforce the math curriculum that we are already using. He took the time to complete activities in the morning or sometimes right after lunch. Bear used the program for 15 to 20 minutes each day and enjoyed doing so. His only comes complaint was about the graphics being a bit dated. Other than that he liked the structure of the lessons and looked forward to using the program each day.

Bam Bam has used some reinforcement math programs before but this was the first one that he was able to work through, 100% by himself. I did have to help him a bit with the assessment and because it was long, I decided to split it into 10-minute increments. Once that was complete, he continued to use the program daily for 15 minutes. He used this program Monday through Friday right before lunch and was so excited to do so. I was thoroughly impressed with how much he enjoyed it.

I appreciated this program’s ability to cater to my children’s unique learning needs. Extra attention was given in weaker topics and extra help was always provided when they needed it. The Math-Whizz Tutor always recognized when my sons did not understand a concept. Rather than have them repeat the lesson, this program presented the concept with a different lesson or a game. The website was also easy to use and navigate on my computer. Unlike other programs, you don’t have to assign what your child should learn next. The Parent Dashboard provides complete access to view the lessons that your child is struggling with, as well as upcoming lessons.

The only cons presented by this program are the graphics and its inability to be easily accessible on various devices. The only way that we were able to use this program is via our desktop or laptop computer. I was not able to use this on my iPad, Galaxy Note 8 cell phone, or my son’s Samsung tablet. Downloading a special player for the graphics might fix this problem but I chose not to try that. I feel like an app should be developed so that I don’t have to sit down with my children at a computer to use this program. The graphics are also extremely outdated and could definitely use some refreshing.

Whizz Education created this program to benefit schools, parents, or homeschooling families. Math-Whizz builds confidence in math for children whether or not they need assistance. The website explains concepts in a fun, interactive way while helping them progress in the subject. Please keep in mind, this program is aligned with Common Core standards.

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