January 2019 Homeschool Wrap-up

January is already over and it was filled with so many amazing things! Usually our transition back to school after Winter Break is a hard one but this year I decided to try some new things. Rather than jump back into our regular schedule, I slowly added things as I do and we start our school year. This gave us the opportunity to slowly transition back to our schedule especially because we had a lot of new things happen over the break. Doing this was appreciated by everyone in our household and made this month all the more enjoyable.

2019 is off to an adventurous start as my husband’s new position caused us to adjust our school schedule. One of my favorite parts about homeschooling is flexibility so I’m glad that I was able to apply those principles and create a system that works for our family. This year I decided to continue our celebration of fun and silly holidays. So far we have celebrated National Cuddle Up Day, National Sticker Day, National Chocolate Cake Day, and National Spaghetti Day. I also opted to update the blog name (#MMMHblog) and start an official Marriage, Motherhood, Makeup, & Homeschool Facebook Page. **likes are appreciated**

Here are some of our January accomplishments:

  • Completed our Community Helpers unit study with a virtual field trip
  • Bam Bam moved up to a “big kid” class in our homeschool co-op
  • Perfected our new school schedule
  • Built robots and played Battle Bots
  • Princess learned to write her name
  • Weekly family movie night
  • Bear drew several cartoons during his free time
  • Celebrated our 100th Day of School
  • We read 20 books, including three read alouds
  • Weekly family game night
  • Bam Bam is doing great with reading
  • We happened upon the DIY SCI show and really enjoy it
  • Field trip to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing
  • Bear finally hit “Teen Room” age at our local library
  • Celebrated a few silly holidays like National Cuddle Up Day and National Chocolate Cake Day
  • Bear hosted a Pro Bowl watching party for the family. He even bought and prepared the food himself.
  • Implemented family walks or bike rides to the park three times each week

You can hear more about our January accomplishments via this recent YouTube video.

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Happy Homeschooling,

Ta’Neisha K.

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