Recycle Your Happy Planner

Recently I was able to purchase several outdated Happy Planners from Each of these planners were approximately $1.50 to $2.70 each. They all included Prime shipping and I was glad that I purchased them before they became popular again. Unfortunately, due to their renewed popularity, the prices spiked from below $3 to over $20 each. Thankfully I purchased immediately and didn’t miss out on these deals. Here is a quick tutorial with how I updated an old But First God, faith planner for my friend.

Overall, my friend was grateful for the gift and she really liked the look of her planner. Since I had decorated everything in every dated it her plan a was ready to use for the remainder of last year and the entirety of 2019. If you are able to find some plannerss for this price, I definitely suggest that you purchased them before sharing the information with any groups or on social media. Once your purchase has been made, please share that information with all of your planner friends.

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Make today great,

Ta’Neisha K.

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