Review: Victus Study Skills System 

Learning and practicing good study habits is a necessary component for all students. Bear was recently introduced to these foundational principles via Level 2: Elementary (2/3-4/5) of the Victus Study Skills System. I believe that these habits will help you with education in all areas including Bible study.

Victus Study Skills System is a 10 lesson course teaching students how to study so they actually grasp the material. Students will learn about organization, note taking, test taking, time management, and goal setting. Their goal-oriented approach is focused on understanding where you are now, knowing where you want to be, and implementing a plan to get there. The program also explains the importance of how a plan is critical to your present life, adulthood, and culture. They encourage introducing the skills to children at a young age and building on them over time. With their system, you are able to educate children from Kindergarten all the way through college.

Each lesson in this course is approximately 30 minutes, totaling 5 hours of instruction and activities. The course plan is designed to teach two lessons each day meaning that you should complete the course at the end of one school week. There are two instruction options for this curriculum: teacher-led or student-led. Each option does allow for the video and PowerPoint presentations to be used as a reinforcement. The materials are also broken down by grade levels with age-appropriate verbiage for each. This course is designed to be taught in a classroom setting or at home. The creators of this product are very supportive of homeschooled students and you can hear a message directly to those families via this YouTube video.

We received all four levels of this course with the exception of video and powerpoint access as well as the Student DIY Workbook. Upon receipt, I looked over all of the materials in the package to decide which level will be appropriate for our 11-year-old son. I noted that I did like the presentation of some of the materials in Level 2 and Level 3. For the purposes of this review, I decided to focus solely on teaching Level 2: Elementary (2/3-4/5) to our son. We used the Elementary Student Workbook, Teacher Edition, and Teacher Supplement Elementary.

The Teacher Edition was created to be used with multiple levels of the Victus Study Skills System. Each of the ten lessons is separated into their own sections with specific teaching techniques. The purpose of each lesson is clearly stated with specific preparation instructions listing any additional items you will need to reinforce the material. Student views of the Level 3 Student Workbook are located throughout but the supplements provide a detailed look at the other levels. I like the attention to detail and the organization of this book. At the bottom of some pages, you’ll find bold printed reminders and additional explanations.

“I think the Victus Study Skills System has created a quality product befitting of their mission. I believe learning these study habits will benefit children throughout their whole life. I liked it so much, I plan on spending the next week taking the college level course myself.” Ta’Neisha K

The Teacher Supplement Elementary was designed to be used in conjunction with the Teacher Edition. This booklet leads the teacher through the course with easy-to-follow steps. Throughout you’ll find specific page references to the Teacher Edition paired with a view of the Elementary Student Workbook. Rather than have two books open I opted to jot down what I would be presenting on a sticky note. This made instruction easier for me since I could move the post-it around the Teacher Edition.

The Elementary Student Workbook consists of all the exercises, assessments, and reading material each child will need. This consumable workbook is designed for the teacher-led instructional approach. The course begins by assessing study habits and determining learning strengths. I thought this was extremely important because once you understand how you process material your educational journey will become easier. As we moved throughout the course Bear created a mission statement, learned how to correctly set goals, and now understands the importance of time management. We found the lessons to be helpful, appropriate for his age level, and have decided to start each year going over there this material.

“My favorite part about this was learning the right way to study and take notes. I liked confirming my learning styles and the tips included for each one. I think the book should have the graphics in color to brighten up the pages. I know I can use these skills outside of school time and think all children should learn these habits.” Bear, 11 years old

After using the Victus Study Skills System one can clearly understand their desire to ensure all students are properly equipped to set smart goals and have great educational habits. The layout of the curriculum was easy to understand and I appreciated that the overall structure allows this system to be used for various age groups. After looking through all of the material my only con is that it is nothing is presented in color. Simply placing nice graphics or a colored border at the top and bottom of each page would definitely improve the look of the product. Since the skills build upon themselves year after year the use of one system keeps the children familiar with the material as they continue it. I definitely look forward to teaching this course each year and eventually introducing it to my younger two children.

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