Importance of Cultural History (February 2019 Homeschool Wrap-up)

February Homeschool Wrap-up

February was a busy month for us filled with field trips, celebrations, dissections, and much more. Here are a few moments that made the month awesome:

  • Bear turned 11
  • We started sharing a Book of the Day each week
  • We attended Homeschool Skate Day
  • Bam Bam and Princess improved their handwriting with daily journaling
  • Bear wrote a great Black History paper
  • I jumped in the Trampoline park!
  • Celebrated my father’s retirement
  • We went rock climbing at a local fun park
  • Visited the trampoline park several times
  • Studied Black History Month for all age levels in our homeschool
  • Field trip to local County Commissioners Court
  • Birthday Bowling Party for Bear
  • I prepared Black History Month lessons in advance
  • Homemade Valentine’s Day gifts from the cool kids
  • Field trip to JFK Museum
  • Bear drew a cool picture of a blood cell
  • We dissected a fetal pig, fish, and fruit
  • Co-op book club meet up was so much fun
  • Learned square dancing at Co-op PE day

Top 3 Tips!!! Incorporate Cultural History All Year

February is also the month most make time to celebrate the accomplishments of African Americans. Thankfully, this year I was able to reserve all my Black History Month books in advance. We read approximately 20 books this month that focused on Black History. I also found our field trip to the Sixth Street Museum to pair well with our studies since President JFK was so supportive of the Civil Rights Movement.

History is an important topic to teach and each culture’s contributions should be included all year. You can learn my tips for incorporating cultural history throughout the year via my recent YouTube video.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s homeschool wrap-up. You can see more of our daily journey on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Happy Homeschooling,

Ta’Neisha K.

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