Family Bible Study with Drive Thru History

Our family was elated to watch and review the newest Drive Thru History® series. Once again, Dave Stotts is our guide as we tour more of the new testament via Drive Thru History® “Acts to Revelation”. This amazing, vivid, and engaging show needs no introduction so we’ll just jump right in.

Drive Thru History® is a series created in 2004 when Dave Stotts introduced us to a new way to explore God’s word. With this video series, you no longer have to just read about the lives of the very first Christians. Now, a DVD can instantly transport your family to the locations of miracles, signs, and wonders. Drive Thru History® “Acts to Revelation” continues where the previous set left off. We start episode one in Jerusalem and continue with each episode taking us through the Mediterranean region using the Book of Acts as a roadmap. While we travel, Dave tells us details about the people, places, and significant events that began the Christian faith.

“My favorite part is the part about God.” Princess, 3 years old

As we work through the New Testament, we investigate life for the remaining disciples after the Gospel accounts of Jesus Christ. We learn how the early church met, grew membership over the lands, and details about their missionary journeys. We continue to follow Paul, John, and the other disciples, finishing on the island of Patmos. Dave also covers the seven churches of Revelation in Asia Minor.

We received a special edition set which includes three DVDs, containing all 18 episodes and a study guide housed in a unique case. The DVDs are securely placed in the front and back covers of the case. The study guide is located in the middle and attached to the case. I appreciate that the entire set is located together in one place. It actually looks like a book and then there is a cover that goes on top of it featuring illustrations from the series.

“Well, I like that he tells us about the Bible story. One day Jesus is gonna come back. I like hearing about how Paul healed the man in the name of Jesus then the man praised God.”
Bam Bam, 5 years old

The study guide includes a table of contents for each of the disc, summaries, quotes and various scriptures. There are beautiful illustrations from the series as well as pictures that were taken while this was being recorded. Five discussion questions are also included for each of the episodes. Additional details about the time period, people involved, or episode location are placed on the side margins of some pages. A special note at the bottom of each summary tells you what Bible passages to read during your study time.

Initially, we opted to follow the study guide pattern and watch one episode a week. After viewing, my husband would lead us in reading the scripture and ask the discussion questions. Over time, we found ourself enjoying the series so much that we would double or triple up on the nightly viewing. We enjoyed every episode and how each one ended with a build-up to the next one. I also noted the continuous inclusion of scripture throughout, not just spoken by the host but at the end of every episode encouraging you to read.

“I think this is cool! I like how he gives a breakdown of the history and uses sources from the Bible. I also like how the episodes are split up but each gives so much information and encourages you to read the Bible. The details about the locations are very helpful too.” Bear, 11 years old

**Click photo to preview series**

Overall, our family really enjoyed watching Drive Thru History® “Acts to Revelation”. The information given throughout this series was truthful, detailed, a lot to take in at times, but ultimately easy to understand for every person in our household. Even our 3-year-old and 5-year-old children enjoyed every episode! I appreciated that he did not skip over the mention of persecution. It is important for all believers to understand that this is a part of our Christian history and many still deal with this in 2019. We appreciate the commitment Dave Stotts and Drive Thru History® have made to provide quality biblical education in a fun and unique way.

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