VeggieTales NIrV Bible (Unboxing & Review)

VeggieTales is a well-known Bible cartoon that is a familiar staple in most churches. Many of us grew up exposed to the shenanigans of those Peas, the silliness of the Cucumber, and the motherly love of the Blueberry. Now, those same characters are found within the pages of the VeggieTales NIrV Bible. We purchased thisContinue reading “VeggieTales NIrV Bible (Unboxing & Review)”

Mom, You Deserve It!

Mothers everywhere I pray today you receive special MOMents full of love, appreciation, and gratitude from your family. Sis, you deserve it! Need encouragement? Check out these blog posts: KEEP THE ENCOURAGEMENT GOING by sharing this post with your mom and a friend. COMMENT BELOW: Share some encouragement to the mothers reading this blog ForContinue reading “Mom, You Deserve It!”

Coffee & Book Lovers Tag!

Hey y’all! Today I’m participating in a fun collaboration with a YouTube friend. Check out my response to the Coffee & Book Lover’s Tag by The Ingrid Chronicles via the video below. COMMENT BELOW: What is your favorite book? For more curriculum reviews and family encouragement, SUBSCRIBE to this blog and please share this postContinue reading “Coffee & Book Lovers Tag!”

Happy Resurrection Sunday

Happy Resurrection Sunday! Remember, any day is a great day to celebrate our risen Savior! COMMENT BELOW: Do you celebrate Resurrection Sunday? For more curriculum reviews and family encouragement, SUBSCRIBE to this blog and please share this post with family or friends. We would love to CONNECT with you!Get a closer look at all theContinue reading “Happy Resurrection Sunday”

Life Application KJV Chronological Bible (Unboxing & Review)

When I was a child, I remember my mother buying a Life Application Bible. Now, 30 years later, I have my own!

Quick Reference Bible Study Tools by Teach Sunday School

Today’s review features a detailed look at Bible Breakdowns by Teach Sunday School. We received both the Old Testament and New Testament digital PDFs.

Week 5: Wives of the Bible Study

Week 5 of the Wives of the Bible Book Study

Week 4: Wives of the Bible Study

Week Four of our Wives of the Bible Book & Bible Study starts now!

Week 3: Wives of the Bible Study

Join Week Three of the Wives of the Bible study

Week 2: Wives of the Bible Study

Did you enjoy week one? Well, Week 2 is already underway with a new group of Wives of the Bible. Let’s grow together! Download Week 2 Notes WEEK TWO VIDEOS: Videos will GO LIVE daily at 12:00 PM CST You can also watch each video lesson and some additional encouragement via the Wives of theContinue reading “Week 2: Wives of the Bible Study”