God’s Little Reminders

“I love it when a Facebook memory pops up and you’re reminded that you have been blessed with what you prayed for. Whether it was moments, months, or it feels like a millennium ago just thank God when you receive it.” – Ta’Neisha K.

Last month I typed this status update after viewing my memories on Facebook via the “On This Day” application. This feature allows you to see your memories over the past 10 years via pictures, status updates, mentions by other friends, or even check-ins to places you have been. Some days this experience can be a little bit disheartening if you reacted to something in haste or a photo of a loved one that has passed is shared. Let’s not forget to mention how frustrating it is to look at a status update from 2009 only to realize that you used the wrong punctuation, grammar, or spelling. However, most of the days are full of sweet smiles, giggles, and even phone calls or text messages to those involved because you’ve seen such a wonderful memory.

As I was scrolling through the app, I realized that I had posted about praying for my husband’s healing. I remembered it distinctly as soon as I saw it on the cell phone screen. I can recall being sad and even confused trying to understand why we were in this mess. My husband was sick and could not get well, I was pregnant with our third child, and we were also responsible for hosting a marriage ministry event that was coming up in a few days. I remember sleeping for only a couple of hours every night over approximately three weeks. If I wasn’t up tending to my husband or children, then I was wide awake praying and would often cry myself to sleep. Most of the tears I do blame on being pregnant with a girl.

This memory list also featured a status update from my husband sharing our story with the world. He talked about how I stayed with him in the hospital while pregnant and slept in an uncomfortable chair. He talked about me hosting the event alone and how church leadership reached out to him sharing accolades. He discussed how I made arrangements for the children overnight and ensured that I was there to get them in the mornings. He even showed appreciation to the family and friends that stepped in and cared for us during this time.

Reading this status update years later brought me to tears. I remembered the frustration from it all but cried tears of joy as I recalled God’s strength, healing power, and victory. I am extremely grateful for God’s guidance and peace of mind through every one of those situations. I couldn’t have led the event, in my husband’s absence—without God. I wouldn’t have been able to comfort my children, tend to my husband, or safely carry our daughter under all of that stress—without God.

So today I encourage you to take a moment and thank God for these little reminders. Oftentimes, life happens and we have no control over it, but when you find yourself fretting over what was, will be, or what is to come, I beseech you to STOP. Take a moment and think about all the testimonies you have in your own life. Read the Bible, which is full of people’s accounts as they were guided by God from misery to victory. No matter what you’re facing, let these little reminders encourage you along the way. Through Him, you are strong and equipped to endure whatever comes your way.

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Make this week special,

Ta’Neisha K.

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Wife to a great husband. Mother to great children. My family is my ministry.

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