2020 Vision: God Has You Covered

“The story details are simply amazing but I will just hit you with the high points.

1) A quick transition can seem scary but when you’re obedient to the will of our omnipotent God you shouldn’t be afraid to move swiftly. He’s got you covered.

2) Frustration in labor is normal. Take a deep breath, take a break, and get back to doing what you’re supposed to. No labor, done in good faith is EVER in vain. God has got you covered.

3) Keeping a prayer journal is an amazing tool. You have an actual log of every life battle and how God brought you out. Oh, and on the days you don’t think he is moving then just look in the mirror and realize that you’re still here. The victorious Jehovah Tsaba has got you covered!

4) As a wife, I get the privilege to experience all our adult problems but not necessarily bear “ultimate responsibility” as my husband does. Sometimes life happens and it is super wacktastic. My favorite part of every day is letting him know that he is doing a great job. Our family pastor, protector, and provider is awesome and I’m amazed at how he bears it all. Kevin is built for it and he has us covered. Kevin is obedient to God. So, we know Immanuel HAS US COVERED!

Remain obedient in 2020 so you don’t lose your covering.”

Happy New Year!

Ta’Neisha K.

This blog post was created from a Facebook status update posted on December 30, 2015. Since the words still ring true today, I decided to share them, with some tweaks, in preparation for 2020. Remember to remain obedient to God each day of every year and He will keep you covered.

3 thoughts on “2020 Vision: God Has You Covered

  1. Ebonie Freeman says:

    I am thankful for this reminder that God has me covered. Especially in this season of life. As you stated “sometimes life happens and is super wacktastic”. Our marriage has experienced a shift. Due to my husbands health issues I was thrusted into the role of ” head of household”, sole provider, ulitmate decision maker and caretaker. This was exteremly overwhelming and lonely. It was also difficult for my husband as well. While we nagivate how to adjust to this life change, I try to remind myself that God has us covered.

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