Special Valentine’s Surprises from #TeamKEMP

Last night, during our annual Valentine’s Party my husband and our sons debuted two musical tributes to me. Both were performed to songs that mean so much to me and tell part of my testimony.

First, let me say that I am not a rap fan! Like seriously, no rap at all, ever!! But, Face the Stones by JayBrian featuring Gerard P. Brooks slid past my anti-rap walls and made it to my playlist when my oldest son begged for the Christian Rap album. I listened to it because I monitor everything and I found myself in tears after Face the Stones played. The lyrics conveyed my frustration and prayer for strength when dealing with criticism from family and friends. The craziest part is that the criticism comes when we are doing what God said to do.

After watching my boys perform, my husband played his tribute. Y’all know I’m a big cry baby! The first time my husband played Don’t Take the Girl by Tim McGraw was shortly after Bam Bam was born. He told the story through tears as he shared his perspective of how I almost lost my life after delivering Bam Bam. Now, anytime this song plays I cry. Not because of the melancholy lyrics but because I’m so glad my husband prayed for me! My husband prayed and God answered with a resounding YES!! Again, that day was chaotic but we were filled with the peace of God.

To have my family create such masterpieces and share their hearts means so much to me. I hope you all enjoyed watching these musical tributes as much as I did.

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Fill this week with love,
Ta’Neisha K.

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