Proverbs Bible Study for 6th-8th Graders

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

The Wise Up curriculum from Positive Action Bible Curriculum was created for students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. Middle school students are at the age where learning how to make decisions on their own is vital for their maturation. These new freedoms bring greater responsibility, higher expectations, and advanced accountability. This course encourages students to study the wisdom of God via Proverbs to shape their lives into the image of Jesus Christ.


The Wise Up study allows for concise education and discussion with your middle-schoolers about the wisdom of Proverbs. This 35-lesson study encourages students to understand God through scripture, inviting Him to shape their lives into the image of Jesus Christ. These principles are beneficial to help your children navigate life from teenage years to adulthood. Students will learn to apply and reflect on this wisdom when faced with life’s responsibilities, decisions, and new freedoms. We received a physical copy of the Student Manual and Teacher’s Manual. These items are also available via digital download directly from the company website.

The Student Manual is a softbound, 256-page workbook with color-printed pages. The activities help students explore and comprehend the scripture through engaging ways. The exercise questions are designed to be a bit challenging, encouraging deep thought and discussion about God’s Word. The lesson notes are fill-in-the-blank outlines, matching the Teacher’s Manual topics.

The Teacher’s Manual provides detailed instructions including presentation, review, and assessment material for this study. It came wrapped separately with a sturdy three-ring binder and tabbed dividers. The aforementioned 35 Lessons have optional three, four, or five-day weekly lesson plans. Target core learning objectives, teaching strategies, presentation notes, scripture memory, quizzes, and an answer key are also included. Examples of each Student Manual page with the answers filled in are also provided.

Extra Resources for presentation and evaluation are also available from the Positive Action Bible Curriculum website. This digital ZIP packet has customizable tools to help you present this material in your homeschool or classroom. Lecture presentations and quizzes from the Teacher’s Manual and Student Manual exercises are available in PowerPoint, PDF, and various versions of Keynote. Pre-formatted slide layouts and text are available but these can be adapted by adding your favorite elements or content. A FREE DOWNLOAD of scripture cards from Proverbs is also available.


Working through this curriculum with Bear brought my husband so much joy. They agreed that the Teacher’s Manual strategies pair well with the Student Manual activities. They opted for the four-day lesson plan to match our school week. These lessons were organized, provided age-appropriate questions, and created rich discussion opportunities. With greater responsibility comes higher expectations so let the Wise Up study from Positive Action Bible Curriculum help you prepare your children.

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