Help Your Kids Learn and Love The Bible by Danika Cooley

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Have you ever read a book that provides confirmation about your process and ideas? If not, Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible by Danika Cooley, presented by Bethany House Publishers will leave you feeling encouraged and empowered! Today’s review features a breakdown of this book and ways to incorporate the ideas presented.


We received a physical copy of Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible by Danika Cooley. This book is divided into three parts, each focusing on ways to empower you to teach scripture to your children. Part 1: You’re the Leader offers parents insight into the importance of Biblical literacy. You learn how to make lessons approachable that create meaningful conversations about what they are learning. She also does a great job of explaining ways to teach the Bible to younger children and even has tips to keep your middle and high school students engaged. Details for establishing a Bible study routine individually, as well as with your family are also provided.

Part 2: Faithful Reading discusses using a variety of resources and building your personal library. I enjoyed how she provided examples of ways to explain hard topics in the Bible like slavery, crucifixion, and the chastisement of Christians. She also encouraged parents to not avoid those hard subjects or questions that come when they are learning about them. It is important that all believers even young children learn how to address hard things so that we can help heal the heart things.

Part 3: A Daily Walk explains why it is so important to read the word together with your family no matter how young or old you are. Memorizing scripture is also necessary for Christians because it helps us to hide the word in our hearts so that we do not sin against God. (Psalm 119:11) Our family devotional time should also end in prayer which allows each child to verbally speak out and talk to God and they also grow their personal prayer life.


I read through this book on my own and was so grateful that I was already doing everything that she suggested. Moments like these are so comforting because it lets me know that when you pray and seek God for guidance on how to run your house in every way He will provide confirmation. Because I enjoyed this book so much I do plan on gifting it to several friends who have younger children and are beginning their parenting journey.

My favorite thing about this book is how Danika encourages less formal family bible study which allows conversations to flow naturally. She does a great job of encouraging more interactions from parents while emploring them to be intentional about teaching biblical and gospel events. Spending time in the word with your family will help offer guidance for managing children’s behaviors, life challenges, and our reactions to the world around us. It is truly important to develop good spiritual habits in our lives, and our children can start now!

Leading our children through scripture is an essential part of Christian parenting. Now, Bethany House Publishers has made studying God’s word as a family quick and easy with Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible by Danika Cooley. If we take our job as parents seriously we should include time to share faith, scripture, and salvation with our children.

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