Busy Mom’s Guide to Bible Study Collaboration

Today, I’m hosting a collaboration focused on busy mothers sharing ways to include Bible Study in their routine. The participants also highlighted a few of their favorite resources, study ideas, and where to get help when you need it.

Want tips for including Bible Study into your busy day? Watch this video!

5 Must-do Bible Study Tips

  1. Pick a Bible that has a design and features you enjoy
  2. Read from a Bible you understand and pair it with KJV
  3. Journal during each study session
  4. Talk about what you’re studying during prayer time
  5. Talk about what you’re studying
    with your family/friends and invite them to study with you

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Want more tips from moms just like you? Watch this playlist!

Things to note from the video:

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I hope you were encouraged by the tidbits shared in each video! I also pray you find ways to create a balance in studying God’s word yourself without interruption. Trust that God can show you ways to replenish, revive, and restore your energy through study time.

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Fill your week with family,
Ta’Neisha K.

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