Family Advent Traditions with The Giving Manger (GIVEAWAY CLOSED)

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Today’s review features a detailed look at The Giving Manger by WorthyKids. This set was created as a Christmas tradition to encourage the importance of giving and the power of CHRIST in CHRISTmas.


The Giving Manger is a beautifully boxed set that includes items to create precious holiday memories.
Box Set Includes:

  • The Giving Manger Picture Book: an easy-to-read, family-led story that explains the tradition.
  • Wooden Manger: comes in three pieces and should be placed in a visible spot to be filled with the straw.
  • Bundle of Straw: several pieces of straw to place in the manger after each act of service.
  • Baby Jesus: ceramic, and will be placed in the manger on Christmas day.

This boxed set includes wonderful items that we enjoyed so much, we decided to host a GIVEAWAY! **GIVEAWAY CLOSED and winner announced in photo below**

Our favorite features about these products are the creative, paper illustrations throughout the story. The story text gives relatable details for parents and children as the father decides to change his family’s view on Christmas. After much thought, the focus shifts from expecting gifts to offering services to family, friends, and neighbors. At first, the children are a bit frustrated and let down by the sudden change. As expected they take their time trying to adjust their focus but eventually, the acts of service become enjoyable.

Soon, the whole family finds joy in servanthood and helping each other. As your family reads the story and begins to offer acts of kindness you can watch their hearts turn too. By completing simple acts of kindness like folding laundry, completing chores without being asked, and helping someone cross the street the manger will be filled with hay to welcome the baby on Christmas day. Every item within The Giving Manger box set is quality made and will last for many years. This tradition can be shared with your children, grandchildren, and beyond.

WorthyKids is known by many for its quality, faith-based content for families and children. They’ve continued to create amazing books studies, games, and resources that encourage Christians to actively live out their faith. The Giving Manger is another grand addition to the content offered by this company. Now, during the holiday season, your family’s focus can shift from a pleasure-seeking list to Christ pleasing heart.

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