Why We Celebrate CHRISTmas

Dear Believers,
During this holiday season, more than ever before, I’ve seen plenty of videos and status updates turned debates depicting the “truth about Christmas.”  However, I hope that you are being mindful of the information and the source thereof.  Study, learn, grow, and teach the truth but be careful that your knowledge doesn’t turn you away from God, through Jesus Christ.


You’re awakened, we get it.  

The world is pagan, we get that too.
Celebrate if you want to or ignore the day all together, but don’t beat down your family and friends because of your new found knowledge.  Remember, it isn’t wise to reprimand people and then go eat their food and accept their gifts on 12/25.  I know that Galatians 4:10-11 is used to argue why we should only celebrate God’s holy days and feasts while Jeremiah 10:1-4 is argued to avoid Christmas trees.  I believe this awesome sermon, Traditions 109: Celebrating Christmas by Pastor Lewis, does a phenomenal job of discussing these arguments.  You can download the sermon and the study guide for free via the links at the end of this blog.




Our family continues to celebrate the observed date of the birth of Christ on December 25th each year, even though we know all about Saturnalia and the false “virgin birth” parallels.  We choose to acknowledge the ONLY virgin birth because we are grateful that Jesus Christ was born.  We are thankful that God knew mankind needed a savior and he graciously gave his son for us.  We are joyful because Jesus stayed true to God in word, deed, death, and resurrection and will save all who believe and endure until the end.  We are hopeful through the trials of life because, the Holy Spirit is our comforter, Christ is our advocate, and one day he will return wherewith every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that he is Lord.  We celebrate CHRISTmas on December 25th because we understand that no matter who put this on the calendar, ANY DAY IS A GREAT DAY TO CELEBRATE JESUS CHRIST!



So. . .
Merry Christmas! Merry CHRISTmas!!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

No matter what, if, or how your family decides to celebrate, remember to live a life that is pleasing to our truly worthy King.  Celebrate the gift of Christ daily in word, deed, and  faith so you will endure until the end.  You can’t ignore the impact the Christmas season has on giving, especially to those less fortunate.  If you choose to no longer buy gifts, give your time via volunteering for a reputable charitable organization, your church, or work.  Don’t let this season or any opportunity pass you by without showing the light of Christ to those around you.

Be sure to make time to listen to the sermons and view the study guides listed below for additional information on Christmas, Halloween, and Easter.  All items can be downloaded for free via the exministries links provided.


Make this season bright,

Ta’Neisha K.


Sermon: Traditions 109 Celebrating Christmas

Study Guide: Celebrating Christmas

Sermon: Three Wise Gifts

Study Guide: Three Wise Gifts


Sermon: Easter Sun-day

Study Guide: Easter Sun-day


Sermon: Tricky Treats

Study Guide: Tricky Treats



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12 thoughts on “Why We Celebrate CHRISTmas

  1. Good day, so even though you know the pagan roots behind the Christmas mass you still follow the day? It’s way deeper than you think. When you say merry Christmas you are really saying happy death of christ. The christ Mass day is a day to celebrate Jesus death. As real believers we are to follow the scriptures not what a false pastor have to say. No wear in the bible does it tells us to observe Jesus birthday which is not even today. Please dear I beg of you to search the scriptures. God is requiring holiness and righteousness. The way of salvation is too repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost (Acts2:38). In these last days there shall be a famine of God’s word. Seek him while he still may be found.

    1. Again, I suggest you listen to the sermon links provided. Choosing to celebrate this holiday or not isn’t a salvation issue. And why post anonymously? Stand fully and transparently for what you believe in.

      1. I post anon because I choose not to have my name on the internet. But I can send you a private email if that’s fine 🙂 if you are willing to search the scriptures with me than we can talk if you like?

      2. Also please don’t take the tone if the message wrong. Its time that we as believers dig more deeper into the scripture. I say this in love:)

    2. My husband and I have searched the scriptures. I also know that Paul mentions that discussions, turned arguments, about celebrations are not beneficial to the body of Christ. No one’s birthday is mentioned/celebrated in the bible but that doesn’t mean people didn’t do it. Again, choosing to celebrate Christ any day of the year is not a salvational issue.

  2. Thank you for this post. I have two degrees in theology, which I don’t just toss out there normally. My father is also a pastor and has been all of my life. We celebrate Christmas and I have two sheets of paper on the wall to prove I have spent years searching the scriptures. There are so many ideas out there and everyone believes that their interpretation is correct. There is a way to study the Bible and people need to learn how to rightly divide the Word of God. As Paul stated all things are lawful to me but not all things are expedient (basically, it won’t make me or break me). As you stated above it is not a salvation issue. Additionally, no one will tell me the intent of my words. One person may mean one thing when they say it and I can mean another, it is all about context and intent. I also know that we have the Holy Spirit to convict us if we are doing wrong. God cares for us and will shed light to each of us as needed. I have yet to feel godly sorrow over the matter and will not jump on any and every band wagon because it seems to make sense. The truth is to believe most of the foolishness you have to let go of common sense and practical thinking.There are several debates that people believe are true. We must pick and choose who we believe. How does one know the truth if there were not there or there are no witnesses? For every history book that says one thing, there is another that states the opposite. Yet, with the Word of God we have a could of witnesses and it is the only true authority on any matter in my life. Money is pagan but I bet people won’t stop spending it or making it. I am covered by the blood of Jesus Christ and no devil, twisted interpretation of scripture, or pagan will scare me out of celebrating a time that beings love, joy and happiness to another. Which are all things stated above, Christ stood for. I could say so much more, but I have already written too much. I am not under the law and I don’t follow a rules based religion. I have a relationship with Jesus Christ and I live everyday to give Him glory to the best of my ability. God bless you and your family in this holiday season.

  3. One last note. You give great advice here. People should not believe everything we hear and read. We need to choose our sources wisely.

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