English II: Composition Skills by Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Today’s review features a detailed look at English II: Englush Composition Skills by Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum. PAC English courses use the vignette teaching approach which encourages students to draw perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes from responses to story scenarios and situations. This is done to inspire students towards noble character, life purpose, enhanced vocabulary, and insight on wise decision making. We received print and digital copies of the Full Course Kit which contains Texts, Activities, and Teacher’s Resource Kit.

English II: English Composition Skills is the second of a four-level PAC English series. This 10th-grade class includes five soft-cover chapters and five student activity books that include section quizzes and chapter tests. During their sophomore year, your student will read, write, and evaluate various genres while learning to craft strong sentences and complete paragraphs. They will also learn how to properly use their increased vocabulary while writing poems, letters, essays, narratives, editorials, articles, speeches, allegories, and research papers. PAC curriculum also prompts students to create pieces from the various writing styles that are challenging, entertaining, informative, and persuasive.

Scope and Sequence

  • Chapter 1: word tone, denotation, connotation, synonyms and antonyms, analogies with homonyms, dictionary and thesaurus skills, idioms, nouns, pronouns, interrogative and reflexive, etc.
  • Chapter 2: verbs, tense (present, past, future, perfect, and progressive), participles (present and past), phrases, sentence fragments, diagramming, subordinate conjunctions, clauses, etc.
  • Chapter 3: spelling and pronunciation, vowels and consonants, blends, suffixes, prefixes, Latin roots, contractions, borrowed words
  • Chapter 4: writing basics, sentence construction, prewriting, planning, drafting, editing, proofreading, etc.
  • Chapter 5: narrative writing, vignettes, newspaper article, short story, nonfiction, fiction, descriptive writing, argumentative writing, expository writing, etc.

Bear chose this course as his first high school English class. He found the lessons to be detailed, engaging, and structured but easy to use and understand. I appreciated the emphasis on the literary concepts presented like cause and effect, logic, premises, comparison, and contrasts. Upon completion of English II: Composition Skills your child will earn one high school transcript credit. We have enjoyed using this curriculum and look forward to Bear completing the course. Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum has done a grand job incorporating honoring God while living and writing effectively with English II: English Composition Skills.

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Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum:

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