CTCMath: What’s new, FAQs, and more

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

By now you’ve realized how much we enjoy using CTC Math in our homeschool. Today I’m sharing some answers to frequently asked about the 12-month family membership.

1) Is this program a curriculum or supplement? At Team Kemp Academy we use it as both! I’ve used this as a curriculum for my oldest and as a supplement for my younger children. Even though its purpose fluctuates in our homeschool, CTCMath is a fully online math curriculum with options for Kindergarten through 12th grade.


2) Does the program adapt based on student responses to questions? Yes, this program now offers adaptive questions! The difficulty level of the interactive questions will adjust depending on your child’s responses. The new algorithm will also use tracked progress to deliver questions to help master concepts.

3) Are the videos live classes or can we access them as needed? All video tutorials and summaries are available to watch at your leisure. These clear videos involve a whiteboard where the text is perfectly visible while the teacher explains each lesson. They were designed and recorded so your student feels like they have a personal teacher.

4) My child has trouble reading so will they be able to read the information on the screen? Yes! All screen information, questions, etc have the option to be read aloud. So, if your child still needs help reading you can still choose CTCMath without worrying.

5) Is CTCMath aligned with Common Core? NO! CTCMath was started with and continues teaching traditional mathematics.

6) How many children can use the CTCMath account? There are NO LIMITS on the number of students on your family account. Every child living with you is included in your 12-month family membership.

We have been using our 12-month family membership by CTCMath for several years. All of my children have benefited from this online program and that’s why I  share it with others. We recommend this website for homeschool families that enjoy an online math curriculum.

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