Let’s Chat: 3rd Grade Curriculum & Resource Books

Today, I’m continuing my homeschool virtual open house by sharing our selections for Bam Bam. Again, keep in mind that you’ll see A LOT of items in this video but most are just there as resources. I also specify which items are his actual math, language arts, science, and reading curriculum. Check out these 3rdContinue reading “Let’s Chat: 3rd Grade Curriculum & Resource Books”

2nd Grade Curriculum Choices, Supplements, & Resources

As you saw last week I am back on the My Father’s World path with my younger Cool Kids. Even though we are using a “boxed curriculum” we still need items for spelling, math, and language arts. So today I’ll be sharing the various resources and curriculum choices I have for Princess. Now, keep inContinue reading “2nd Grade Curriculum Choices, Supplements, & Resources”