My Mary Kay Story

I was nine or ten years old when I started asking about Mary Kay products. My mother was a customer of the brand for years and I always admired how she applied the products. Once she told me that I could have my own set of Mary Kay products at twelve I counted down the days until that birthday. Little did she know, her makeup introduction would give me the most important training every young woman and MUA needs; great makeup begins with great skin care.


It was at my first Mary Kay party that I learned that you shouldn’t sleep in makeup as it ages your skin fourteen days. It was at my first Mary Kay party that I learned you shouldn’t pump your mascara because the air dries it out. I also learned that there is a red blush and lipstick for EVERY complexion. Oh and I can’t forget that you should exfoliate your skin weekly and to use your trash day as a reference. Yes, I learned so much at my first Mary Kay party.

Even though I have a love for the company I’m not a representative. I know, I know, I know. I do like the old school skin care products and I swear by their acne treatment gel but I don’t sell it. However, I know several women that do sell and will share their information if you’re interested in trying out the products I used for this neutral look.

I recently reviewed a few products from Jessica Woolridge and I was impressed with how well the makeup looked on me. I also tried the new Botanicals skin care but found that I prefer the old school “formula 2” system I was introduced to or the newer Time Wise system.

A big thank you to Jessica for the opportunity to revisit Mary Kay and be reminded of how I was introduced to great skin and makeup. Be sure to check out her online store for your Mary Kay needs.


So, what’s your first makeup memory?

Make this week memorable
~Ta’Neisha K.~

Check out Jessica’s store here

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