Braid Blog

Here is where you will find all of my tutorials, tips, and tricks for braided hairstyles. Consider this your one stop braid shop if you desire to try it yourself. If all these videos don’t help you then go to your local stylist for a cute braided hairdo.

Happy braiding!
Make this week stylish,
~Ta’Neisha K.~

Initial micro sew in tutorial also includes how I braid and hold my braids with spritz.

Updated micro sew in tutorial includes how I sew in the hair and close the sew in.

Box braids video shows the hair I use and how I curled the braids.

Micro Braid touch up tutorial shows how I redo the front braids and the sew in.

My braid take down tutorial also includes how I wash, condition, and reuse micro braid hair.

Micro braid maintenance products are shown in this video.

Box braids update includes that how I cut and burned the ends of the braids.

This video shows products I use for my box braids including hair oil moisturizer/sheen spray.

This side swept up-do is a fun style that I like to wear on dates with my husband. If you try it then let me know how you rocked this.

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