Happy Reading: Wives of The Bible

Let me start with a disclaimer. If you are a wife that doesn’t desire to grow then this blog post is NOT for you. If you are a wife that is perfect and refuses to acknowledge that life CHRISTstyle requires a daily flesh death and consistent reminders via the word, then this blog post is NOT for you. However, if you are a wife that seeks The Lord daily for guidance and strength to endure until the end and desires to be a wife of the word not the world then you’ve come to the right review. Also if you love your husband first and truly delight in serving him because it honors Him then definitely keep reading for something awesome to add to your library.

With that being said here are my thoughts on Wives of The Bible by Jolene Engle


Wives let me just tell you I’ve had a great time with this book. This book has shown me who I was, currently am, and given me hope for what God is shaping me into. I am a wife that gets excited about operating in my creation role so to read a book that recognizes that and supports it is so refreshing. I’ve shared this book on all my social networks while reading it and so many women have told me how much they enjoy it.


I definitely desire to be a wife of the word and not the world so I can’t wait to discuss this book with other wives. The most AMAZING thing about this book is that I realized I’ve grown tremendously but I wasn’t discouraged when reminded that I have more growing to do. That’s what I got from this book. Every wife has an Eve moment, Lot’s wife moment, and even a crazy Job’s wife moment but eventually by God’s Grace we will grow into the Proverbs 31 Woman. Through our growth we will also become part of the most glorious, one time only, extravagant and holy wedding as the Bride of Christ.

I could go on and on but that’s what the video version is for. Check out my recent upload to hear my detailed thoughts on this book.

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Happy Reading!

Make this week scholarly,
~TaNeisha K.~

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