I Ain’t Afraid To Get Old! #CELEBRATION32

Another grand year of my life has officially passed, which is basically a fancy way to say IT IS MY BIRTHDAY Y’ALL! WHOOP WHOOP #CELEBRATION32


I’m so grateful to celebrate another year of life. I’m also not ashamed to say that I am now 32 YEARS OLD! WHOOP WHOOP #CELEBRATION32

I think it is disheartening when I talk to older women, even on their birthday, ask their age and they don’t respond or lie about it. What’s wrong with adding a year? We all realize it is just ONE YEAR that we are adding, right? However, some ladies act like they age in dog years. Mind you, these ladies are still in their thirties to mid forties and are ashamed. Seriously, it frustrates me.

I can’t help the fact that my parents got married and on a romantic night in 1981 they decided to stay inside rather than go out. I can’t help that months later, in 1982 I was born and have been here every since. All I know is I’m glad about it! In my mind the year 1982 doesn’t seem like a long time ago but it may be considered ancient times to the youth I teach. So what! I’m a proud EARLY 1980s baby and that is okay. WHOOP WHOOP #CELEBRATION32

I could go on about how you should celebrate life because it is short no matter how long you live, but I won’t. I could go on about how I’ve had classmates and known many children that never lived to be my age, but I won’t. I could also include points about how a young girl can see your joy in being insert awesome age here and realize she wants to be like you at that awesome age. I’m not going to say any of those aforementioned things; however, I will say EMBRACE YOUR insert awesome age here NO MATTER WHAT! WHOOP WHOOP #CELEBRATION32


Yes, life happens and it is not so good but I’m still here and I thank God for strengthening me to endure until the end. Yes, previous years have been rough but in the end my good, great, and awesome always outweigh the bad. Yes, I may not have achieved every goal I set but I’ve exceeded my expectations with every other awesome thing I did accomplish. Some may say “but I don’t want to get old because…” and I respond “I CAN’T WAIT!”


I refuse to hide behind a false age whether it be 32, 50, or 120 I’m going to embrace it and put it on a T-shirt. I’m going to sing. I’m going to dance. I will rejoice! God is faithful. God is worthy. God is greatly to be praised and even in 32 years here I haven’t thanked The Most High enough. I love him and if he says “daughter do my work for another year,” “enjoy your family for another year,” or “teach women how to live a balanced life and be good wives for another year,” I will do it. I will teach and make memories to the best of my ability. I will use all my potential while I’m living because I don’t want it decomposing in the graveyard when I die.

Long blog but I just had to get that out. To see some great gifts I received check out my first WHOOP WHOOP #CELEBRATION32 haul video.

Make this week life one worth living,

~Ta’Neisha K.~

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Wife to a great husband. Mother to great children. My family is my ministry.

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